Your spa at home: take care of yourself inside and out with Caldea

Ideas para un spa en casa

Since you can’t come and visit us yet, we’re continuing to bring the spa to your home with simple yet very useful ideas. In spite of the lockdown, our goal is to help you take care of yourself with Caldea without leaving home.
Do you want to see what we’ve prepared for you this week?


Learn how to self-massage

The body can sense that we’re staying at home and have adopted new routines. Between spending more time sitting or lying down, and doing other tasks that we wouldn’t previously have done so often, we can become overloaded and experience discomfort in particular parts of our muscles. To provide a little relief from this sensation, our colleague Noelia González will show us a technique so we can perform a self-massage on our arms and necks to release tension. And to finish off, a head massage for a bit of pampering and relaxation.

Press play!



Buddha Bowl: enjoy eating

This week we’re bringing you a new rich, tasty and very healthy Buddha bowl, complete with all the food groups you need to stay well nourished. To make it you will need: one hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, avocado, beans, spinach and wild rice. For that extra touch: drizzle it with a dressing made from balsamic vinegar of Modena, olive oil, honey and pepper.

If you want more tasty ideas for preparing this kind of dish, here’s a link to an earlier article.

Don’t forgot your spring facial peel

Our colleague, Sol Rodriguez, reveals the best beauty tricks for a homemade facial peel. It’s so simple, all you’ll need is one spoonful of sugar, two of honey and one of oil. First, thoroughly mix the ingredients. Then apply the preparation to your entire face using circular motions for a maximum of 4 minutes. You can go all the way down to your neck, but stay away from the eye contour as this is a more delicate area. Pro tip: slightly dampen your fingers with water beforehand to make it easier to apply. To finish, remove the scrub with a mitten or towel moistened with cold water and apply your regular moisturiser and eye contour cream. In less than 5 minutes your skin will be hydrated and free of impurities!

The following videos will show you how Sol does it, so you can follow the steps and movements precisely.


Another week of caring for yourself with Caldea. We’re bringing you new ideas so you can continue to enjoy the spa at home without going outside.

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