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Families have an additional 20% discount, applied directly to your basket,

on the purchase of tickets from 2 adults (with morning admission) and 2 children.

Only available on our website! 

Enjoy yourself in Caldea's biggest spa!

You can't miss Caldea on your visit to Andorra.
Our iconic pyramid-shaped glass building will make your jaw drop the moment you see it.
But the best bit is inside!

In Thermoludic, you'll have a wonderful time bathing in the large indoor thermal lagoon and the hydromassage tubs, or just letting yourself be swept away by the current in the outdoor lagoon. You can relax on the bubble beds as you admire the surrounding views or experiment with the temperature contrasts in the Indo-Roman baths. And don't forget the panoramic lagoon! An open-air space with a transparent glass bottom where you can fly over the River Valira.

A thermal spa just for kids!

For the little ones... Likids! A spa that's exclusively for children aged 3 to 8, where our team of specialist supervisors will help them discover the "spa world" through games, storytelling, tailored beauty treatments, bubble baths, and much more.
Your children: in their bathrobes enjoying moments of well-being that they'll never forget. Meanwhile, you can take a break and enjoy some time to yourself in Thermoludic.
Because moments as a family are lovely, but moments as a couple are always welcome, don't you think?

If your children are aged 5 or over, in addition to Likids, they can also enjoy Thermoludic with you.

This summer Likids will be open from 3 July to 12 September, from 10am to 4pm.  

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Canillo Tibetan Bridge

The Canillo Tibetan Bridge has a length of 603 m and a dizzying height of 1875 m. Live an unforgettable experience full of emotion and impressive views.



Do not miss it

Mon(t) Magic Family Park

Your adventure park in Andorra for the whole family.

Water scooters, canoes and much more.

In the Fornatura circuit you will discover the fauna and flora of the area.

And also, throw yourself down the longest zip line in the Pyrenees. 550m of pure fun at a speed of up to 80km/h through spectacular landscapes, pure adrenaline!



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