Social and corporate responsibility actions at Caldea
Caldea's Corporate Social Responsibility
At Caldea we carry out actions with soul to help improve lives of current and future generations. This is is our commitment with the environment and with society. Because we care about the environment and people.
Thermal water warms our environments
62% of the energy we use at Caldea comes from thermal water. Without the 'superpowers' of this natural asset, Caldea would not exist.

And it is that, for the operation of our spa, we recover the thermal water from natural sources at 70 degrees Celsius and lower it to 34 degrees to introduce it into the lagoons. In this process of preparing water for human consumption, calories are released that we reuse to heat our spaces. 

The improvements that we have been applying in the heat exchangers and in the insulation of the pipes of the water and air circuits have enabled us to be 15% more efficient in recovering calories from the thermal water.

A more 'green' disinfection and filtering of our waters

Filtration systems for the dirt in the lagoons are important for the good condition of the water. Fundamental to obtain crystal clear water are also the hours of filtration, the disinfection mode and adequate water values ​​(pH, alkalinity, hardness...).

In the year 2000 we began to use ultraviolet light lamps to disinfect the water in the Caldea lagoons and thus progressively replaced the old ozone disinfection system, a large consumer of electricity. Currently, disinfection using UV-C lamps is the main disinfection system for Caldea's waters. For comprehensive disinfection, we also combine chlorine in the minimum quantities established by law (from 0.5 to 2 ppm).

The filtering of our waters is also carried out in a sustainable way. All our water is filtered through a crystal filter system, which has allowed us not to have to use sand. The advantage of this material made from recycled glass is the smooth surface, which prevents the formation of germs on the filter and thus guarantees far superior filtration results. In addition, glass is more resistant than sand, so it wears out much less. For all these reasons, crystal filtration reduces the consumption of disinfectants, water and energy.

Going for a reduction in electricity consumption

Already in 2005, at Caldea we began to use automation systems to reduce electricity consumption. In 2010 we began the progressive replacement of traditional lighting with LED lighting, and today it already represents 83% of our lighting system. Today, thanks to the full automation of lighting management systems, we ensure that the amount of light is adequate for the operation of the center, both day and night, allowing us to also reduce consumption.

In 2022, Caldea receives the 'Green Light' seal and raises its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability one step further. The label granted by FEDA, as a result of the environmental actions carried out in recent years, guarantees emission savings of more than 1 million kg of CO2 per year. See the Certificate of origin of renewable electrical energy here.

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