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Below we offer you the most frequently asked questions that our clients usually ask us.
What is Caldea? 
What is the Thermoludic? 
What is Inúu? 
What is the difference between Inúu and Thermoludic? 
What is the price of Inúu admission? What does the price include? Does it include the changing time? If I book a treatment, how many hours can I stay at the centre for? 
What is Likids? Who can access Likids? What does admission to Likids include? 
What do I need to bring? 
Can I enter the centre wearing a swim cap and flip-flops? 
What kind of a swimsuit should I wear? Are any bathing materials included in the price of admission? 
What is the price of admission? What does the price include? Does it include the changing time? If I book a treatment, how many hours can I stay at the centre for? 
What are Caldea’s opening times? 
Can I enter Likids with my child? 
Are there any restaurants at Caldea? Are they accessible to everyone? If I come for lunch or dinner at one of your restaurants, how long can I stay in the centre? 
How does the package that includes dinner work, what are the times? 
Is there a car park at Caldea? Does it charge? Where can I check the timetables for bus and public transport services? 
Can children access Caldea? Is there a nursery service? 
I have a health issue or I am pregnant. Am I allowed into the facilities? 
Is there anywhere to keep my phone or camera? 
Where can I find Caldea’s address and GPS coordinates? 
Where can I get the Caldea brochure? Via email or regular post? 
When is booking in advance required? Can I make my booking over the phone? How can I calculate the cost of my stay? 
Do I need to pay for my booking in advance? May I use a credit or debit card? 
How do I know whether my booking has been confirmed? 
How can I cancel, modify or request a refund for a booking made over the internet? 
Have I to make a reservation if my purchase has not been made in caldea.com? 
How do you use a 3-day and 5-day voucher?* 
How do i get the reservation confirmation? 
How can I see if my reservation is confirmed? 
Does Caldea offer accommodation? Which hotels are included in the offers and where are they? 
How do I find out whether a Caldea + accommodation offer is available? 
How do I book an extra night for an offer? 
Is breakfast included in the Caldea offers with accommodation? 
Is the price stated for the offers with accommodation per person? What is the room type? 
Is the breakfast that is served at the hotels a buffet? Do they allow animals? 
Do the hotels have car parks? Are they free or do they charge? 
How do I purchase Caldea + accommodation as a gift? Do I need to provide a specific date? 
Do I need to pay in advance for my Caldea + accommodation booking? 
I have a discount code, how can I redeem it? 
Is there any sort of discount for groups? 
Do children enter for free with the Súper 3 card? 
Can I enter with plaster or some kind of bandage? 
Do I have discount with Youth Card? 
If I have a catheter, port-a-cath, central line or another device, can I bathe at Caldea? 
I am a travel agent and would like to know what discounts I can benefit from and whether I can make bookings through a section for professionals. 
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