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In compliance with Act 15/2003 of 18 December, defined as Data Protection (hereinafter referred to as 'DPA'), and the regulations it comprises, the users of this website are informed that any personal data provided to SEMTEE, S.A. (hereinafter referred to as 'SEMTEE') shall be included in a file owned by SEMTEE duly registered with the Data Protection Agency.
The main purposes of collecting personal data from users of this website by SEMTEE, and therefore the purposes of the file mentioned above are: responding to requests for information about the services and products provided by SEMTEE; the management of the bookings of said services and products; and the emailing of commercial communications concerning the general services and products provided by SEMTEE. Should users wish to unsubscribe from said electronic commercial communications, they will find information on how to do so within these communications.
If it is necessary to carry out any of the aforementioned purposes, the users of this website accept that SEMTEE will share their personal data with third-party service providers. In these cases, said purposes shall be carried out in compliance with the DPA.
In any case, SEMTEE guarantees the users of this website that the treatment of personal data by themselves or third parties on their behalf is subject to the strictest professional secrecy, and that the appropriate technical and organisational measures have been taken in order to ensure the safety of personal details and to protect them from being altered, misused, lost, stolen, or from unauthorised treatment or access.
Likewise, the users of this website are informed that the personal data requested by SEMTEE is only that which is strictly necessary and essential for the aforementioned purposes to be carried out. For their part, the personal data provided to SEMTEE by the users should be true and correct, and SEMTEE must be informed of any changes to the information. In all cases, users are responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the personal data provided to SEMTEE, and therefore SEMTEE will be able to exclude from their services and products those users that provide fake or incorrect data, without prejudice to any other legal actions that might be applicable for each case.
However, also in compliance with the DPA, SEMTEE informs users of this website that, in order to exercise their rights to access, modify, remove and oppose their personal details as recognised by the DPA, a communication in writing and duly signed must be sent to the email address along with a photocopy of the passport/national identification document of the interested party.

Policy on cookies
1.- General provisions:
This website uses cookies, i.e. small data files, generated on computers and other mobile or electronic devices from which one gains access to this website, and which, among other things, allow one to obtain information about the dates and times when this website was visited and the contents selected, thereby enabling the SOCIETAT D'ECONOMIA MIXTA DEL CENTRE TERMOLÚDIC D'ESCALDES-ENGORDANY, SA (hereinafter, "SEMTEE") to improve the quality and security of those contents.
We also inform you that we will only store cookies in your device for as long as is strictly necessary for the functioning of this website. Since we shall request permission for all other types of cookies, none of these will be stored if they are not strictly necessary for the operation of this website when you have not previously accepted this.
You have the right to modify or withdraw your consent in accordance with the provisions of this policy. cookies in this website which may be regarded as personal data will be processed in accordance with SEMTEE’s policy on privacy.
If you would like more information about SEMTEE and its contact details, as well as about how this company processes your personal data, please refer to our privacy policy on 

2.- Types of cookies
SEMTEE uses the following types of cookies to manage and improve the services offered (both its own cookies and those of third parties):

a) Necessary cookies:
Cookies which allow the website to be used by activating basic functions such as page browsing and access to its secure areas. The website will not be able to function properly without these cookies.

«Cookie» Provider Purpose Expiration Type
PHPSESSID Presents the state of the user's session on all page requests Session Necessary

b) Personalisation cookies:
Cookies which allow this website to remember certain information which, in turn, allows you to modify its functioning in matters such as, but not limited to, your preferred language.

c) Statistical cookies:
Cookies which, together with the communication of information anonymously, allow SEMTEE to understand the interaction between you and this website. Thus the information collected through this type of cookies is used to measure the activity of this website and to draw up its users' browsing profiles for this website in order to improve the service in accordance with the analysis of data related to the use of the service.  

 «Cookie»  Provider  Purpose  Expiration  Type
 _ga  Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data.  2 years  Stadistical
 _gat  Used by Google Analytics to speed up application rates.  Session  Stadistical
 _gid  Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data.  Session  Stadistical

d) Advertising cookies:
Cookies which are collected with the purpose of showing information and personalized ads to each user according to the navigation data of their session.

 «Cookie» Provider Purpose Expiration Type
ads/ga-audiences Used by Google AdWords to re-attract visitors who are likely to convert to web-based customers. Session Marketing
fr Used by Facebook to deliver series of products in real time to third party advertisers 3 months Marketing
IDE Used by Google Doubleclick to register and report the actions of the user of the website after viewing or clicking on one of the advertiser's ads in order to measure the effectiveness of a and present advertisements directed to the user. 2 years Marketing
test_cookie It is used to verify if the user's browser supports cookies Session Marketing
tr No classified Session Marketing

3.- Block, disable and/or remove cookies:
SEMTEE informs you that the cookies in the previous section – with the exception of the necessary cookies - may be blocked, disabled and/or removed at any time by doing the following: Clicking on 'Reject' in the banner that appears in the bottom right of the website

For more information about blocking, disabling and/or removing cookies, please contact:

Last updating: 25 May 2018
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