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Learn about the history of Caldea
CALDEA, the largest thermal spa in Southern Europe, was inaugurated in 1994 and is designed to allow visitors to escape and enjoy a wellness experience in thermal waters that are full of contrasts. The building, with its unique architecture, is situated in the urban environment of Escaldes-Engordany, while simultaneously being surrounded by the spectacular Andorran mountains.

Thermal Springs

In 1987, the Escaldes-Engordany City Council decided to make the most of the hot springs that issue forth from the great fault in the subsoil of the parish by exploiting this natural asset to launch the CALDEA Project. The project aimed to allow visitors to experience a new dimension of this natural resource, and to create a leisure and wellbeing experience with a distinctive and innovative philosophy that broke away from the concept of traditional spa centres.

Architectural Draft

The renowned French architect Jean-Michel Ruols, known as the water architect, endowed the Caldea building with a unique and harmonious image that contains mineral and crystal references. Straight and vertical lines predominate, alongside dynamic shapes inspired by the mountainous environment of Andorra, which bring to mind activity and fun. In its early days, CALDEA was conceived as a stone and wood building inspired by Romanesque churches such as the Meritxell Basilica. It ultimately became an avant-garde construction.

The tower site, under construction

The tower, which at 80 m in height is the tallest building in Andorra, is a clear allusion by the architect to the towers of San Francisco and London. The designer always intended to retain the shape of the bell tower so as to project spiritual and mystical references which could interact with the aquatic element.


The facade follows the winding profile of the mountains and is covered by semi-emitting glasses which attenuate the greenhouse effect, reinforce the crystalline appearance of the building and symbolise the brightness and transparency of the water. Inside, the shapes are softer and more sensual, with hints of the human body. The filtered light plays with the reflections on the water in the different areas of the centre.

Designed as a mirror, CALDEA reflects the time, the village and the mountains, while blending into the environment.

Inúu draft inuu chantier

Inúu, the Adults Only space in Caldea, was constructed in 2013 as an annex to the building that houses Thermoludic and Origins. With Inúu, the aim is to continue innovating and offering an experience that suits every audience. Jean-Michel Ruols intends to add a touch of modernity here thanks to the evolution of construction techniques and materials.

Inuu’s indoor lagoon without people

By combining architecture and water, the architect has provided the building with a comprehensive, coherent and harmonious architectural image. To design the Inúu lagoon, he drew inspiration from the Pamukkale in Turkey, a great natural geological formation with giant platforms that create a succession of waterfalls of varying heights.

Aquarium with visitors facing u Care

The cylindrical aquarium, 9 meters high and produced in Shanghai, is the backbone of the building.

INÚU’s mission is to invite visitors to rediscover their wellbeing through the extraordinary properties of the water and the most specialised treatments, in an environment of absolute peace and tranquillity.


Caldea opened Likids—a thermal spa exclusively for children aged 3 to 8—in 2016, after completing renovation works on Thermoludic. This project, built by Fluidra, has become one of the company’s most iconic innovations; it provides an introductory wellbeing experience for the youngest members of the family, in a safe environment that has been especially designed for them.

snow caldea

On March 25, 2019, Caldea celebrates its 25th anniversary.

25 years of history during which the concept of spa and hydrotherapy has been revolutionized, turning it into a fun activity suitable for all audiences and with a great reception by the public that visits us. The figures support this innovative commitment that continues to be invented and evolved year after year: more than 8 million people have enjoyed the thermal waters in Caldea in these first 25 years of the thermal spa's existence.


On 4 July 2020, Caldea debuted a panoramic lagoon in Thermoludic that is suitable for all audiences. The new lagoon, which protrudes from the outdoor terrace, features a transparent floor hovering 5 metres above the River Valira, giving visitors the opportunity to experience a sensation of weightlessness that is just like flying over the river. The panoramic lagoon, with a 50 m2 transparent methacrylate surface suspended in the air, boasts water and light displays and includes two different levels where the body and mind can be reactivated. On the upper level of the lagoon you will find a Jacuzzi, while on the lower level you can enjoy a series of hydromassage jets plus an incredible waterfall. The creation of this new lagoon brings even more variety to the range of facilities and enhances the comfort of visitors. At the same time, it affords stunning views of the mountains that surround this urban spa.

Panoramic Lagoon

On 17 December 2020, Caldea officially presents a milestone project in its history: the construction of a hotel in the iconic glass tower, Andorra's most emblematic building, which is scheduled to be inaugurated in January 2023. This 4-star hotel will turn Caldea into a real resort with the largest spa in southern Europe, innovative treatments, two restaurants and extensive sports facilities. The hotel will be focused on adults and designed to offer a wellness and leisure experience, with 'retreat' programmes lasting from three to five days. It will have only 45 rooms, including three deluxe suites. All of them will offer thermal water, the leading role in the imposing showers and baths, which will coexist in an integrated manner with the technology and the domotics elements. The new hotel has been designed with energy efficiency in mind, in a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Interesting data
  • Total area of Caldea: 44.849 m2
  • Glass surface area: 9.680 m2
  • Amount of water used each day: 700 m3
  • Capacity: 2.646 people
  • Opened: 26 March 1994

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