Caldea is much more than a spa discover it here
Bienvenidos a Caldea

Our spas

Caldea is a spa. And it's also a spa unlike any other spa. Here you can experience the contrast between relaxing SSSPA time and more playful SPAAA moments. Come and enjoy the thermal waters while the snow falls or bathe among grapefruits until midnight.
Discover why Caldea is a sssspaaactacular!

The spaces

You can do whatever you want whenever you want, because Caldea has a perfect space for everything. Disconnecting, self-care, having fun...
Caldea Thermoludic


Caldea's biggest spa where anyone over the age of 5 can enter. Ideal for families, young couples and groups of friends.
Caldea Innu


Caldea's Adults Only space, with admission from 16 years of age and access to exclusive areas in addition to the Thermoludic and Origins.
Caldea Likids


The little ones are the stars of Likids, where they will enjoy a wellness experience accompanied by qualified supervisors.
Caldea Origins


In Origins you will enter a spa with exotic baths from all over the world and you can also enjoy a massage.
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