Caldea is much more than a spa discover it here
Bienvenidos a Caldea

Our spa

Caldea is a time and a place where you connect with the good life and the good life. A moment and a place that is a refuge where you can meet, be present and enjoy every moment. A time and place where you can escape and immerse yourself. A time and a place to flow.
Discover it!

Our access modalities

Disconnect, take care of yourself or have fun. Choose your perfect plan and flow
Caldea Thermoludic


The best plan for families, couples, young people and groups of friends, this type of access allows entry to those over 5 years old. Check the facilities included.
Caldea Origins


For those over 12 years old, with this type of access you can bathe among grapefruits or lemons and enjoy many other facilities.
Caldea Innu


Enjoying all of Caldea's facilities is possible with this type of access. We will also lend you bathing equipment and you will have free access to wellness workshops. Only for those over 16 years of age.
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