Caldea: a spa of contrasts and sensations

If you’re looking for a spa, you can find it at Caldea.
However, at Caldea, you won’t just find a spa.
If you’re looking for an escape, you can find it at Caldea.
But, if you want to share an afternoon enjoying the thermal water with your children, Caldea is also the place for you.

It doesn’t matter if you come alone, with friends, your partner or the whole family… at Caldea you will discover a spa, a spa unlike any other spa.


Come to Thermoludic with your family and play in the central lagoon: splash, tickle or chase them while you swim. Visit the Indo-Roman baths with your kids and run from the icy water!

The youngest ones can get their first taste of the world of spas in LIKIDS, a space especially for them where they can have fun, enjoy different activities and relax in a Jacuzzi.

…or put everything on hold

While your kids are enjoying the children’s spa… let yourself drift away on the currents in the outdoor lagoon. Stretch out on a bubble bed and let your mind wander through the clouds above you. Escape with your partner and enjoy the thermal waters in Thermoludic’s hydromassage basins, or in INÚU’s new outdoor Jacuzzi.

Or take a trip to Nepal and let the musical waves of the Tibetan bowls bring you to a state of complete relaxation. Or just lie down and let the hands of our experts relax every muscle in your body.


And if you can’t decide which environment to choose, you don’t have to!

Let the energy flow naturally and just do whatever takes your fancy at any moment: disconnect, jump, relax, dance… because no matter what you’re looking for, you will find it at CALDEA. Caldea, a spa unlike any other spa.

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