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In Thermoludic, Caldea’s largest spa, you can playfully experience all the states of water in spectacular facilities. This is not a traditional wellness centre or a conventional spa. Anyone over the age of 5 can enter, and it’s perfect for families, young couples and groups of friends. Guaranteed fun!


The interior lagoon, the outdoor lagoon, the Indo-Roman baths, the saunas, the hammam, the outdoor jacuzzis, the hydromassage cups, the reactivation circuit and the outdoor terraces, do you already know where to start?
Panoramic thermal lagoon
Discover a new way to enjoy our thermal waters with the panoramic lagoon that lets you fly above the Gran Valira River.
An awe-inspiring bathing area situated on the outdoor terrace, with a total area of 100 m2, a depth of 1.20 m and a temperature of 32-34 ºC. And while you bathe… don’t forget to wear your best smile and look to the camera! As you leave our centre you can take an unforgettable souvenir.
Access to the new panoramic lagoon is included with admission to Thermoludic (for ages 5 and upwards) or Inúu. More information

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Large indoor lagoon
This is Thermoludic’s most famous area. With spring water at 32-34°C and a maximum depth of 1.30 m, the Large Indoor Lagoon offers many possibilities: hydromassage cup that massage different parts of the body; swan necks and waterfalls that massage the upper back; a Jacuzzi to relax the muscles; water spray masks for facial moisturising and water carpets to relax the feet.
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Outdoor lagoon overlooking the mountains
Visitors will enter the large outdoor lagoon via a flowing river which starts in the large Indoor Lagoon. Once outside, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent natural scenery. Along with the 32-34°C thermal waters, we propose: the relaxing effect of the beds of bubbles, the stand-up Jacuzzi with a central geyser and waterfall.  In this area, clients will be able to experience contrasts of temperature and different water states, as well as enjoying services that stimulate and reactivate the circulation.
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Indo-Roman baths
This space is inspired by an Indian cave and is made up by a hot bath with thermal water maintained at 36°C, a cold bath at 14°C and a relaxation area. The temperature contrast guarantees true toning gymnastic for the body: combining the temperature change from cold to hot water and vice versa helps to improve circulation of legs and tones the muscles. The Indo-Roman Baths allow you to enter a different environment that is inspired by the Cave baths of Elefanta Island in India, near Mumbai.
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Aquamassage space
Tones and releases tension in different parts of the body through waterfalls and pressurised water. Enjoy the bubble beds that you can find in several areas of the center, the bubble beds of aquamasaje in the large outdoor lagoon are the ones in which you can enjoy them while watching the views of the mountains in the Pyrenees.
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Icelandic bath
The Icelandic bath is a space where ice, very cold and very hot water are combined to help circulation in the joints. This bath is inspired by the contrasts of the geothermic activity in Iceland, where natural thermal water springs can be found amidst geysers and glaciers. A cold or ice bath which stimulates blood circulation from head to toe using ice and footbaths.
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Hammam might very well be the oldest bathing tradition in the world; it means "heat spreader". Its temperature is around 55°C and among its many benefits we find the improvement of respiratory activity and general relaxation. The Hammam of the Termoludic is composed of a cold water fountain in the center to cool off at different times of the stay and benches decorated with Arabic architecture.
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Outdoor terraces
End your stay with a visit to the outdoor terrace and experience the amazing views over the Pyrenees mountains. To take profit of the benefits of Thermoludic after the baths and the fitness sessions, the center offers several relaxation areas: three outdoor terraces to enjoy the benefits of the sun, relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Pyrenees.
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The sauna gives off a dry heat to a temperature of approximately 85 ° C. Among its benefits we find the aid to the elimination of toxins and the relaxation of the muscular tensions. The sauna is composed of several wooden benches and a large window.
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Hours and Rules
The Thermoludic is the largest spa in Caldea with access from 5 years old. Inúu is Caldea's adult-only spa with admission starting at age 16.
  • Timetables and rules
    Hours and closing of the center
    • Access to Thermoludic is limited to visitors aged 5 years and older and is included with a general 3-hour admission.
    • The schedule can vary according to the day of the week or type of season, normally open from 10am to 10pm, check the schedule of the Thermoludic center here.
  • Bathing materials
    Bathing Materials
    You will only need your swimsuit. Admission does not include bathrobes, towels or flip-flops, but you may bring a towel to dry yourself at the end of the experience. It is possible to rent a bathrobe for €5.50 or towel for €3.50.
  • Admissions
    Access to Thermoludic is limited to visitors aged 5 years and older. For children from 5 to 15 years of age, it is required that you present a document as proof of their ages and they must be accompanied by an adult (there must be one adult for every two children).  
  • Rules
    In order to avoid slipping, be careful when walking as the floor is wet. We recommend using the stairs and handrails when entering and exiting the baths. You can go barefoot or wear the disposable booties sold at the Caldea Shop for €3.50. Don't run inside the facilities. It is forbidden to jump inside the baths or into the water. Please respect the silence so that everyone can enjoy the calm and comfort.
  • Responsibility
    Caldea is not responsible for any issues that are caused due to a failure to comply with the rules or incorrect usage of the facilities or services. In this regard, accidents caused by slipping will be the responsibility of the client. Failure to comply with the rules will lead to an immediate cancellation of admission. Caldea is not a medical centre. Check with your doctor if you have a health issue. 
  • Safety of your belongings
    Safety of your belongings
    Please use the locker service to store your belongings. Make sure you don't leave anything outside of the locker and that it is properly locked with the key. If you lose the key, inform a Caldea member of staff immediately. If you need to store something valuable, the centre's security service has a safe (enquire at reception). Caldea is not responsible for the loss or theft of any objects that have not been stored with the security service. 
  • Frequently asked questions
    Frequently asked questions
    What is the Thermoludic?
    Thermoludic is the general area of Caldea where clients can enjoy the facilities according to the type of admission they have purchased. Thermoludic is made up of several spaces: panoramic, indoor and outdoor lagoons, outdoor Jacuzzi, Hindi-Roman baths, Icelandic bath, aqua-massage space, saunas, hammam and relaxation areas.

    What do I need to bring?
    A swimsuit.

    You can hire a bathrobe, towel, flip-flops and booties from €3.50.

    Can I enter Thermoludic wearing a swim cap and flip-flops?
    Thermoludic uses strict processes and phytosanitary controls that allow us to keep it free of germs, which means that it is not essential to wear swim caps and flip-flops. Swim caps are allowed, but flip-flops are not for hygiene reasons. Even with all this, the spa water is still renewed every 3 hours.

    What kind of a swimsuit should I wear? Are any bathing materials included in the price of admission?
    Women can wear a swimsuit or a bikini and men can wear swimming shorts or slip-style swimwear. No other equipment is included in the price of admission to Thermoludic. You may walk barefoot or wear the disposable latex booties that are on sale at the Caldea shop. Swim caps are not compulsory, but we recommend that you wear your hair up at all times.

    What is the price of admission? What does the price include? Does it include the changing time? If I book a treatment, how many hours can I stay at the centre for?
    You can find all the prices and rates in the “Purchase admission” section.

    The price of admission to Thermoludic includes free use of the facilities for two or three hours (depending on the admission type) excluding massages. If you buy a massage at Thermoludic (20 minutes minimum) you can stay in the centre for an additional hour (including the time for the massage) and also access Origins.

    What are the opening hours for Thermoludic?
    When is the last entry time for 3-hour admissions?
    To learn about the opening hours for Thermoludic, refer to the calendar here.

    Clients with a 3-hour admission have access for up to 3 hours before the closing time of the centre. 

    Thermoludic closes for improvement works once a year and on 25 December. Please check the special opening hours for 24 and 31 December (see calendar).

    Are there any restaurants at Caldea? Are they accessible to everyone? If I come for lunch or dinner at one of your restaurants, how long can I stay in the centre?
    Thermoludic has two Mediterranean-style restaurants: the Blu restaurant, which is open to everyone, and the Aquatic restaurant, which is exclusively for users of the baths. For further information, please check the restaurant section. Customers who spend €10 per person or more in the Aquatic restaurant can stay in the centre for an additional hour (including the dining time).

    How does the package that includes dinner work, what are the times?
    Customers need to choose a restaurant, and we recommend booking in advance according to the opening times of each restaurant.

    The times will depend on the package that is chosen and booked. Customers are advised to check the times for each restaurant here.

    Can children access Caldea? Is there a nursery service?
    Only children aged 3 and 4 can access Likids.

    Children aged 5 to 8 can access Likids and Thermoludic.

    Likids, the Caldea spa for children from 3 to 8 years old, will be open from 3/07/21 to 12/09/21, from 10am to 4pm.

    Children aged 9 to 11 can only access Thermoludic.

    Proof of age is required for all children, and they must always be accompanied by an adult (one adult for every 3 children is required).

    It is compulsory for all persons shorter than 1.30 m, whether they can swim or not, to wear inflatable armbands (in spaces that do not allow swimming as they are intended for being at rest). Caldea will provide the armbands if they are required.

    Caldea does not have a nursery service for children. Parents bringing children younger than 5 (or 3 when Likids is open) will be able to buy one admission and use half of the time each.

    Where can I get the Thermoludic brochure? Via email or regular post?
    You can view or download the Thermoludic brochure here.

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