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The first thermal space exclusively for children aged 3 to 8. In this space, children can have fun while they learn by doing activities with our team of specialised supervisors. Your youngest ones can now enjoy an introductory wellbeing experience.
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Discover a whole world of fun! 
Come to Caldea with your family and take your little ones to the children's spa on the first floor. In this space the children can have a unique experience of learning through play, while their parents enjoy the rest of the centre.
Thermal lagoon
Small pool of interaction with the thermal water of 40 cm of depth and 75 m2 of size.
The lagoon includes four different areas:
- Area of water beds: let the bubbles surround your body and relax your muscles.
- Playground: space prepared to practice different types of activities (crossfit, yoga, psychomotor exercises) with game material.
- Area of water currents: let yourself be carried by the slight currents to relieve tensions.
- Water cannons: with a turn the cannon discharges water towards the soft beach with a moderate intensity.
Soft beach
This is the sensory space of games with dunes of soft material with different volumes to sit, lie down and perform all the activities that the monitor proposes. The dunes are designed to simulate the drawing of water bubbles. In this space they develop their psychomotor and intellectual capacity.
The jacuzzi measures 6 m2, ideal for children to have fun with their bubbles and jets of water in the whirlpool area. In the jacuzzi, children will have fun but they will also be able to strain their muscles after a long day or some kind of extra-curricular activity. Ideal for the most active kids!
Beauty Space
In the beauty room, the children receive treatments adapted for them: manicure, foot massage, facial masks with yogurt, etc. This activity is always developed with products adapted for children. In this activity the monitors make all the children participate in order to make the games more dynamic.
Sauna Lounge
The sauna is the space dedicated to entertaining intellectual activities. Its temperature never exceeds 24 ° C for the well-being of children. It is the relax area with wooden benches where guided learning and relaxation activities take place, such as reading and storytelling, video visualization or entertainment games in English (thanks to the collaboration of the academy Kids & Us).
Fitness space
This is the space dedicated to the child's development through guided activities such as yoga, CrossFit, etc. The space is 30 m2 in size and is carefully thought out so that the child can develop the activities proposed by the monitor with the material and space needed for it.
Hours and Rules
Open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (last entry at 6:00 p.m.) until 11/09/2016. And then, opening on weekends and long weekends of September, October, November and December.
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Times and rules
  • Open from 10.30h to 21.00h on saturdays, sundays and bank holidays.
Extra activities included:
  • Beauty experience: face mask, manicure, foot massage 
  • Basic yoga: introduction to the discipline
  • Guided relaxation: storytelling and guided water activities in English. 
  • Show for children: only during peak season
Permitted age range
Children from 3 to 8 years old. Admission includes free access to all the facilities of the new children's spa for 3 hours, along with a bathrobe only for Likids use and guided activities free of charge. Entrance to Likids is exclusively for 3 and 4 year olds, while admission to Likids includes free access to all the facilities in Thermoludic for children aged 5 or above. 
Security and identification system
Access to Likids is restricted by a security system that can only be activated by a chip inside the wristband we deliver to the kids when they enter to the center. The entrance door stays closed at all times thanks to this system, which will ensure greater control over the facilities and the children.
What is Likids?
Likids is a thermal spa located in Caldea that is exclusively for children aged 3 to 8. It features a thermal lagoon measuring 75 m2 (40 cm deep) and various fun zones.

What should children bring?
Swimsuit. Admissions include the loan of a bathrobe only for Likids space use.

Who can access Likids?
Children aged 3 to 8 can access Likids. However, Caldea and Thermoludic only allow access to children over 5 (with some limitations in clearly marked areas that are exclusively for adults). Children over 8 years of age are not allowed to access Likids.

What does admission to Likids include?
Admission includes 3 hours of access for little ones to all the facilities of the new children’s spa, a bathrobe only for Likids space use and free complementary activities (beauty experience, basic yoga, guided relaxation with storytelling and shows).

How do children aged 3 to 8 access Likids?
Admission to Likids requires a 3-hour adult general admission to Thermoludic. Parents or guardians of children aged 3 to 8 must accompany their children from the general reception of the Centre to Likids (located inside Caldea, on the 1st floor). The family or the guardian should access Caldea through the general reception and accompany the child to the entrance of the children’s spa. Caldea’s team of qualified supervisors will be on hand at all times to help the families and companions of children to get from the changing rooms to the entrance of the new children’s spa where the children are given the bathrobe.

Do I have to go into Caldea while my children enjoy Likids?
Yes, adults accompanying children are required to enter Caldea while their little ones are in the children’s spa. After dropping the children off at the new children’s spa, a team of qualified instructors will supervise them. Therefore, children must be accompanied to the Likids entrance even though adults cannot access this new space.

How do you identify the children?
Upon arrival at the general reception of the Centre, the senior guardian will be given a bracelet which their data will be recorded on, this bracelet will be linked to a second twin bracelet containing the same data. We give to parents a mobile phone and they must bring it with them at all times in the facilities (a special cover for mobile phones will be provided).

Is there a minimum age or recommended maximum height to access Likids?
Children must be at least 3 years of age to access Likids with an acretitation document (DNI or passport). The recommended minimum height to access the children’s spa is 95 cm. A Passport, ID or family record book must be provided to prove the ages of the children.

How long can children stay at Likids?
The admission allows a maximum stay of three hours, just like the parents’ admission. Children will be accompanied at all times by our qualified supervisors and wellbeing experts with whom they will have fun and engage in activities suitable for their age group.

Does admission include bathing materials?
Yes, the admission includes a children’s bathrobe only for Likids use. If they wish, parents can rent a towel and/or bathrobe.

What does Likids offer?
A spa exclusively for children
Admission includes free access to all the facilities of the new children's spa for 3 hours, along with a bathrobe for Likids use only and guided activities free of charge.
During their stay at Likids, your children will be able to do free activities with supervisors while they learn and develop their psychomotor skills. Our supervisors carry out guided activities with the children every day the space is open. 
  • Beauty Experience

    Face mask and manicure for the aspiring models.

  • Kidness circuit
    Games around the lagoon

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  • Introduction to yoga

    Relaxation combined with flexibility and strength.

  • Cross Likids

    Games aimed at developing strength, flexibility and balance - guaranteed fun!.

  • Guided relaxation

    Storytelling and guided water activities in English.

  • Performances and shows

    Stories with puppets, videos and music for a fantastic time.

English activities with Kids&Us
In Likids, a space reserved for children between 3 and 8 years old, there are several activities, among which we find some in English. Children will play and listen to stories while the monitors speak English, in this way through entertainment and fun they will learn one of the most important languages ??in the world. Do not let them lose it!

Activities that take place on specific days of high season.

  • Storytelling

    Stories told in English for fun learning.

    Day | Saturdays
    Time | 17.30 h to 18 h 18.30 to 18.50
  • Face painting - Tattoo activity

    Special paint designed for children and sensitive skin is used to paint funny and original faces, a super fun activity!

    Facepainting-tatoo activity
    Day | Saturdays
    Day | 18.00 h to 18.20 h 18.50 h to 19.15 h