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Premium, Caldea's Adults Only space, invites you to restore your wellbeing with the extraordinary properties of thermal water and our highly specialised treatments, in an environment of absolute peace and tranquillity

Where you are the most important
Reserved for people over 16 years old you will enjoy unique waters because they sprout around 70 ° C and are rich in sulfur, minerals, sodium and are as unctuous as thermal plankton. Used naturally, they produce an anti-allergic, healing, decongestant and antiallergic action. Disconnect in the middle of nature.
Thermal water space
Great interior lagoon
In the baths you will be able to fully enjoy the warmth of the thermal waters (32-33 º of temperature). You will relax so much that not only will your body will float... your mind too.
The spectacular interior space with three lagoons in the shape of waterfalls has water seats, swan necks and a multitude of jets of different pressures that will provide you with massages in different parts of the body. The texture of the stainless steel of the lagoons combined with the different lights, configure an incomparable avant-garde environment.

The Berlingot
In the Berlingot, you can fully isolate yourself while you lie in the bubble beds and contemplate the views of the mountains and the valley of Andorra, through the large windows. In the baths you will be able to enjoy with full fullness the warmth of the thermal waters (32-33 º of temperature). You will relax so much that not only will your body float ... your mind too.

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Outdoor thermal spaces
Outdoor lagoon
In the outdoor lagoon you will enjoy the sun and the pleasant feeling of being in the hot springs while you breathe the pure air of the Pyrenees. In an environment of absolute calm, you can enjoy bubble beds, jets of different pressures, gooseneck ... An experience that becomes stronger when in winter, the snow covers the facilities.
The outdoor lagoon of Inúu enjoys magnificent views of the mountains of the Andorran Pyrenees. The thermal waters of this space are between 32-33 º C of temperature. You will relax so much that not only your body will float ... also your mind. The spectacular outdoor space with a central waterfall and several water beds that will provide massages in different parts. Enjoy your stay!

Outdoor Jacuzzi
The exterior Jacuzzi in Inúu has capacity for 12 people and offers the best views in the whole center, since it is the highest exterior batharea in Caldea. From it you can enjoy the Pyrenees while the bubbles of the jacuzzi rub your back at 35ºC.
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Reactivation space

A complete set of services that awaken your senses
A floor of thermal areas with a set of services aimed at temperature contrasts and relaxation. On this floor, there is the sauna, the hammam which purifies the pores of your skin and improve your breathing capacity, waterbeds where you can completely relax, chromatic showers at different pressures and temperatures, warm benches and walls for easing muscular tension and relaxation, as well as a sauna with a salt wall where you can breathe an atmosphere saturated with micro particles of 100% natural rock salt of mineral origin. This concentration of salt particles improves respiratory health, enhances the skin and stimulates the mind. The new cold cabin has an ice wall that keeps the temperature at 5 to 10 degrees below the temperature outside, it is a dry space that includes an aromatic water bromination shower that just needs to be entered, turning it into a more gentle and comfortable experience than the ice pools or cold plunges, which involve more intense full-body immersion in frozen water. The body exfoliation ritual in the chromatic and contrasting shower space involves a coarse-grained exfoliation to scrub away dead skin cells and give the skin a boost of radiance, smoothness and freshness.


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Relaxation spa
Taking a break in a place devoted to wellbeing may seem like a paradox. However, lying on heated deck chairs with a drink while listening to soft music can make you see life differently.

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Treatments space

An area for comprehensive wellbeing treatments A 2,180 m2 area with 16 cabins. The treatment cabins are divided into four thematic petals: hydrothermal, oriental, emotions and beauty. Each petal has four cabins and its own waiting area.

New beauty treatments by Sothys
Caldea launches new beauty treatments by Sothys, the leading French professional cosmetics brand, with the most advanced and sustainable cosmetic products. Responsible beauty, respectful with the skin and the environment. Exclusively in Andorra.


An area for activating the body.
A 1,250 m2 area for physical and mental activity that features the latest equipment from the prestigious Technogym company. Thanks to this fitness equipment, our technicians can learn the customers’ reasons for choosing a particular exercise or treatment. With the results in hand, we will be able to recommend the most appropriate activities or the treatments that best suit the visitors’ expectations. Inúu has FLEXability™, Arke and Kinesis One for functional training.
Hours and Rules
The Classic is the largest spa in Caldea with access from 5 years old. Premium is Caldea's adult-only spa with admission starting at age 16.
  • Opening hours and closure dates
    Opening hours and closure dates
    • The schedule can vary according to the day of the week or type of season, check the schedule of the Thermoludic center here.
  • Swimwear
    • Women can enter with swimsuit and bikini.
    • Men can wear shorts or slip type.
  • Admission
    • Children under 16 years are not admitted.
    • For reasons of hygiene, people cannot be admitted with external injuries or with any part of the body bandaged or in plaster.
  • Rules
    • For your enjoyment and safety, respect the rules.
    • In order to avoid slipping, walk about with care as the floors are wet.
    • We recommend using the steps and rails to enter and leave the baths.
    • Do not run inside the building.
    • Jumping about in the baths and jumping in are not allowed.
    • Respect the silence so that everyone can enjoy the rest and comfort.
  • Responsibility
    • Inúu accepts no responsibility for any incidents which may result from breaking the rules or from incorrect use of the facilities and services. In this sense, accidents caused by slipping are the client’s own responsibility. Breaking the rules will mean immediate cancellation of the entrance ticket.
    • Inúu is not a medical centre. Consult your doctor if you have any health problem.
  • For the security of your belongings
    For the security of your belongings
    • Use the locker service to keep your belongings. Make sure that you leave nothing outside the locker and that you close it correctly with the bracelet/key. If you should lose the bracelet/key, advise our INÚU personnel immediately. If you have things of value, the security service of the centre has a safe (ask in reception). INÚU accepts no responsibility for the loss or theft of any object not put into the custody of the security service.
  • Frequently asked questions
    Frequently asked questions
    What is Inúu?
    Inúu is the Adults Only space in Caldea for those aged 16 years and over. Inúu is made up of several spaces: thermal baths with indoor and outdoor lagoon, cabins for treatments, the body activation space -or gym-, and Private Wellness (a private space for those who want to feel special in an environment of absolute peace and relaxation). Admission to Inúu includes access to all wellbeing services for private use (treatment beds, hammam, Jacuzzi, sauna and showers), the Thai-Japanese restaurant, the solarium and the relaxation areas.

    What do I need to bring?
    Your swimsuit. A bathrobe and flip-flops will be made available to customers who purchase admission to Inúu.

    Can I enter the centre wearing a swim cap and flip-flops?
    This spa uses strict processes and phytosanitary controls that allow us to keep it free of germs, which means that it is not essential to wear swim caps and flip-flops. Even with all this, the spa water is still renewed every 3 hours. Swim caps are allowed.

    At Inúu, admission includes a bathrobe and flip-flops for use inside the centre.

    What kind of a swimsuit should I wear? Are any bathing materials included in the price of admission?
    Women can wear a swimsuit or a bikini and men can wear swimming shorts or slip-style swimwear. Bathing equipment is included in the price of admission to Inúu.

    What is the price of admission? What does the price include? Does it include the changing time? If I book a treatment, how many hours can I stay at the centre for?
    You can find all the prices and rates in the “Purchase admission” section.

    The price of admission includes free use of the centre’s facilities (Thermoludic, Inúu and Origins) excluding massages.

    What are Inúu’s opening hours? What is the latest time of entry?
    To learn about Caldea’s opening hours, please check the opening times here.

    Customers with morning, afternoon or night admissions can access Inúu whenever is best for them, as there is no maximum duration of stay. We recommend arriving in good time to enjoy all the facilities.

    Are there any restaurants at Inúu?
    There is a Thai-Japanese restaurant at Inúu which is open to the general public. For further information, please check the ‘Siam Shiki Restaurant’ section.

    How does the package that includes dinner work, what are the times?
    Customers should make reservations in advance for the Thai-Japanese restaurant to ensure that they can have lunch or dinner at their preferred time. Customers are advised to check the times for each restaurant here.

    Where can I get the Inúu brochure? Via email or regular post?
    You can view or download the Inúu brochure here.

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