Eat healthily this autumn with seasonal foods

We’re sure that you’ve received hundreds of recommendations about eating seasonal foods (maybe even more now that it’s become fashionable to consume local produce, due to it being as natural and fresh as possible). And now it’s our turn to reinforce the message, particularly as this is a crucial time to take care of yourself after the excesses of summer. So allow us to suggest some foods that should not be absent from your diet. You’ll feel the difference on the inside and this will be reflected on the outside (and your wallet will also feel the difference as seasonal products are usually better value).

What would autumn be without mushrooms?

The colours of autumn are also a big part of food and healthy cooking. It’s time for pumpkins, which are ideal as a soup or puree to accompany other foods, and will also give you a boost of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A. Chestnuts, with their distinctive freshly roasted aroma, are a perfect afternoon snack that will provide you with vitamins and minerals as well as cardio-healthy fats. They are also superb in cooked dishes, like chestnut soup with ham or a sweet cream of chestnuts and pine nuts.

The return of the spoon!

In the autumn, as the first days of cold weather arrive, our bodies cry out for dishes that can be eaten with a spoon. Nobody should go without the high protein value of lentils, and along with their calcium and iron content, they are also low in fat. Chickpeas, on the other hand, will provide us with carbohydrates and fibre. Both legumes are ideal when cooked, but they can also be delicious if you have them cold in a salad.

Grapes… don’t wait for the bells to chime!

They’re light, will keep you regular, and are full of antioxidants… but above all, they’re simply great! Grapes are one of the fruits that can give your body the most benefits, so don’t wait until the year is over to enjoy them. Have them as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, as a dessert, or use them in more extravagant dishes like quail with grapes and ginger, chicken curry with pineapple and grapes or duck magret with port and grape sauce.

Nuts, spinach, chard, cabbage, pomegranates, persimmons, mandarins, pears, and apples are all seasonal foods that you can find at your favourite greengrocer. You’ll see that they’re perfectly ripe, as well as being great value!

If, in addition to seasonal foods, you’re also interested in nutrition and learning how to prepare healthy smoothies, we invite you to the free smoothie workshop that we run in CALDEA’s Inúu space. You’ll learn how to combine fruit and vegetables in a balanced and healthy way, and with advice from our nutritionist you’ll also find out how to correctly cover the recommended five daily servings of fruit and vegetables.

Fill your table with colour and variety this autumn with seasonal foods!

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