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Space Origins
So many surprises await you at Origins: you will be able to enjoy the Aztec bath and its water currents, surrounded by a tropical garden; soften and exfoliate your skin in the grapefruit bath set in a Japanese garden, or disconnect in a zen space with a relaxing bath. At Origins you will find everything you need to experience unique moments, as there is also an outdoor Jacuzzi, private solarium, sauna, hammam, water beds and the aquatic bar with a terrace inspired by Gaudí.
Dive into a space of sensations
At Origins you will find themed sensorial baths that are perfect for letting your senses get carried away
Grapefruit bath
In this Japanese-inspired themed bath you will find floating grapefruits which, thanks to the properties of the peel, provide exfoliation and softening when gently rubbed on the skin. It can be found in the middle of a Japanese garden and features delicately designed decorations that will allow your mind to escape the pressures of everyday life.
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Aztec bath

The Aztec bath is ideal for releasing tension in the nerve endings of the feet. You will find stones that—when combined with the current in the bath—massage the part of the body which suffers the most, helping you to relax the soles of your feet and improve circulation to the lower half of your body. The Aztec bath is surrounded by a tropical garden to enhance the pleasure of this experience.

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Outdoor Jacuzzi

The outdoor Jacuzzis at Origins enjoy spectacular views of the Andorran mountains. Located on the terraces and surrounded by gardens, here you will find peace and tranquillity with ambient music that will maximise the pleasure of this experience.

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Relaxing bath

This relaxing bath is situated at the centre of a Zen environment to provide superior relaxation for our visitors. The waterfall that can be found here is chromatic; and as the colour changes,  the temperature of the water changes too. This improves circulation and relaxes the muscles of your back.

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The Hammam

The hammam is a wet sauna equipped with wide benches where you can stretch your legs and a source of ice and cold water that will help you cool off during your stay. Enjoy the purifying effects of the steam and remove toxins from the pores of your skin as you relax.

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Outdoor solarium

On the outside terraces of Origins you will find hammocks and a solarium—perfect for taking advantage of the benefits that the sun provides. Complete your experience at the centre in the best possible way: relaxing on a lounger after enjoying the combination of the waters and themed baths from the whole world of Origins.

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Terrace bar

On the inside terrace you can enjoy a refreshing drink at our water bar while you rest between one bath and the next. Equipped with tables and chairs, a refreshing selection of self-service drinks is provided, along with panoramic views of the interior lagoon of the Thermoludic and Origins.

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Relax your muscular tension in one of our Origins saunas. The dry saunas in this space are separated by gender and there are several along the route for the convenience of our visitors. Combine the relaxing baths with the warmth of the saunas to achieve muscular relaxation throughout your whole body.

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Hours and Rules
The Thermoludic is the largest spa in Caldea with access from 5 years old. Inúu is Caldea's adult-only spa with admission starting at age 16.
  • Hours and closure of the centre
  • Bathing materials
  • Admission
  • Rules
  • Responsibility
  • Safety of your belongings
Hours and closure of the centre
  • The schedule can vary according to the day of the week or type of season, normally open from 10am to 10pm, check the schedule of the Thermoludic center here.
Bathing materials
You will only need your swimsuit. Admission does not include bathrobes, towels or flip-flops, but you may bring a towel to dry yourself at the end of the experience. Possibility to rent a bathrobe for 4,50€, towel for 2,95€ and latex socks for 2,95€.

Access to Origin is limited to visitors aged 5 and above. For children from 3 to 16 years old, it is required that you present a document to prove their age and they must be accompanied by an adult (there must be one adult for every 3 children).

In order to avoid slipping, children must be careful when walking as the floor is wet. We recommend using the stairs and handrails when entering and exiting the baths.
You can go barefoot or wear the disposable booties that are sold for €2.90 at the Caldea Shop. Don't run inside the facilities.
It is forbidden to jump inside the baths or into the water.
Please respect the silence so everyone can enjoy the calm and comfort.

Caldea is not responsible for any issues that are caused due to a failure to comply with the rules or incorrect usage of the facilities or services. In this regard, accidents caused by slipping will be the responsibility of the client. Failure to comply with the rules will lead to an immediate cancellation of admission. Caldea is not a medical centre. Check with your doctor if you have a health issue.

Safety of your belongings
Please use the locker service to store your belongings. Make sure you don't leave anything outside of the locker and that it is properly locked with the key. If you lose the key, inform a Caldea member of staff immediately. If you need to store something valuable, the centre's security service has a safe (enquire at reception). Caldea is not responsible for the loss or theft of any objects that have not been stored with the security service.

Dive into a space of sensations
At Origins you will find themed sensorial baths that are perfect for letting your senses get carried away
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