The hydrating superfoods that are a diet essential this summer

Superfoods are very fashionable right now. Have you heard of them? We’re sure you have.
They are foods that are very rich in nutrients and very beneficial for health and wellbeing. For this article we are going to concentrate on superfoods that will give our bodies an injection of hydration, something that is essential as August gets into full swing.

Easy to obtain

The best thing about these superfoods is that they can easily be found in shops and supermarkets, and they will help you to maintain an adequate level of hydration even when the weather is hot. If possible, we recommend that you purchase organic products: you will find that the flavour is typically more intense, although at first glance they appear less striking.

Straight to the point…

We’re sure that you’re dying to know what these miraculous foods are which, with very little effort, can ensure your body is well hydrated this summer. Take note!
Lemon: a citrus fruit with a high concentration of vitamin C, vitamin B complexes, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and fibre. Diluting natural lemon juice in water provides an isotonic drink that is rich in flavonoids and ideal for hydration and energy.
Watermelon: the summer fruit that some nutritionists say is “good for everything”. It is very rich in water and lycopene, and is also very delicious.
Cucumber: a food that is fresh, rich in water and great for weight loss. In addition, it also provides beta-sitosterol to our bodies which helps with regulating blood glucose levels and maintaining consistent energy.
Honey: who can say no to sweetness? This natural sweetener is perfect for cold drinks. You can also have a spoonful on an empty stomach to increase energy if your blood pressure drops when you return to sea level or you have slept too much.
Rooibos tea: much more than just tea. This hydrating beverage has antioxidant and restorative properties. It is also caffeine-free, so you can drink it at any time without the risk of losing sleep.

Don’t forget the king of hydration: water!

Our pace of life changes dramatically in summer. The good weather motivates us to do more outdoor activities and be more active. When this is combined with higher temperatures and more humidity, our hydration requirements increase as a result.
It is important that you don’t wait until you feel thirsty before taking in fluids: if you notice that you have a dry mouth, that’s already the first symptom of dehydration! So don’t wait until you get thirsty before you have a drink, and try to drink about 10 glasses of liquid throughout the day.

As you can see, keeping your body adequately hydrated during summer is easy and can be achieved by everyone. Drink plenty of water, include the superfoods that we have recommended in your diet, and if you want to know more, come and try our smoothie workshops which will help you to take care of yourself from the inside.

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