Five reasons why Caldea is a spa unlike any other

You know Caldea is a spa, but did you know that it’s a spa unlike any other. It’s the only place where can you have so many different experiences: a sssspa for moments of total disconnection and a spa for fun with the whole family. Learn why Caldea is a unique thermal spa

1. You can bathe at night

Non-stop from 10 a.m. until midnight to be exact, in both the indoor and outdoor facilities. Depending on the time you choose to visit, you can enjoy the total peace and quiet of the thermal waters, or have fun with your whole family and even enjoy a music and light show. Gaze at the sunset from the Jacuzzi or bathe under the light of the moon surrounded by mountains, without ever having to leave the city centre. These are experiences you can only have at Caldea.

2. The thermal waters are unique

The location, the environment and the geography infuse our waters with unique properties that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. They are rich in sodium, iron, calcium, magnesium and many other elements. After emerging at 70 degrees, we cool the water down so you can enjoy it, but the energy isn’t wasted… we reuse it in our heating system.

3. It’s also for kids

The smallest members of the family are welcome too. From age 5, they can access Thermoludic with their parents and use the same facilities as the adults. But even if they’re 3 or 4 years old they can still come in! For the youngest ones we have Likids, a thermal spa that’s exclusively for children aged 3 to 8, where they’ll discover the world of wellness alongside our supervisors through activities and games. And there are even massages available for those aged 5 and up!

4. A one-of-a-kind building

Architecture is also a big part of our thermal spa. No other spa in the world lets you bathe while you admire an 80-metre tower that resembles a crystal pyramid as it reflects the beautiful surroundings. When night falls, it’s illuminated with light displays for your enjoyment. And it’s not just the tower, the entire building is made of glass and features many unique shapes.

5. A spa with themed spas

Among nearly 45,000 square metres of facilities, you’ll find 3 different hammams, one in each themed spa, as well as a salt-wall sauna and a grapefruit bath. You’ll be transported to India to discover the Indo-Roman baths and feel the contrast of the hot and cold waters… so many new sensations are waiting to be found as you explore each of Caldea’s spas.

In our opinion, these 5 reasons prove that Caldea is a spa unlike any other.
Did we miss any out? Leave a comment and tell us why you think there’s no other spa quite like it.

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