Self-shiatsu: Enjoy CALDEA’s Japanese massages in your own home

We’re sure that you’ve gone somewhere to work or study (or to party 😉 ) and really wished that there was someone there who could give you a massage.
At CALDEA, we are always happy to welcome you and give you the treatments you need, but… how about we teach you to do them yourself?
Today, we are excited to present self-shiatsu!

The technique

 Shiatsu first appeared during the Meiji era in the 19th century, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that it became what we know today: a combination of traditional acupressure techniques guided by the physiological and anatomical know-how of Chinese medicine. This massage discipline is becoming increasingly famous in the West due to its benefits. Through the stimulation of different pressure points on the body you can experience:

– Reduced stress: when different meridians of the body are worked on, like in acupuncture, negative energy progressively dissipates, calming the nerves that are responsible for stress.

– Improved health: during the massage, your lymphatic, circulatory and immune systems are activated, helping you to strengthen your defences and heal more quickly if you have an ailment of some kind.

– Healthier skin: stimulating the blood vessels delivers more nutrients to the cells of your skin, leaving it with a brighter and healthier glow. Furthermore, sebaceous secretion is boosted, helping to hydrate the dermis.

– Free of pain: If you experience pain in any part of your body, the pressure that is applied to this area will help to minimise it, or even make it disappear.

So why is it called self-shiatsu? That’s right, you can get all these benefits by performing the technique on yourself!

I want to learn!

Well we can teach you! Well… actually our instructor can. Yumi Hosaka is originally from Japan, she trained and specialised in Shiatsu at the Japanese Shiatsu School in Barcelona and is an official Namikoshi Shiatsu instructor, accredited by the European Namikoshi Shiatsu Association and recognised and certified by the Japan Shiatsu College in Tokyo.
It is easy to come and learn, just purchase admission to INÚU, CALDEA’s Adults Only space, and join our workshop on Saturday at 13:30 or Sunday at 14:15. Et voilà !

Are there more things you want to learn? Well, don’t miss all the other workshops we organise!
And don’t forget to let us know how good it feels to be able to give yourself a massage 😀

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