Come back and enjoy the panoramic lagoon in Thermoludic

At last, Thermoludic is reopening its doors on 11 June with 100% of its facilities so you’ll be able to enjoy its thermal baths once again, as well as the restaurant and the incredible panoramic lagoon.
Do you want to hear more about all the things you can do from 11 June? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

The panoramic lagoon also features thermal water

In Thermoludic’s outdoor area you’ll find the new panoramic lagoon that we just unveiled in July 2020. This summer you can fly over the River Valira again as you bathe and enjoy the stunning 360º views and the Jacuzzi. You can get access with admission to Thermoludic – for those aged 5 and up – or admission to Inúu – Caldea’s adults only spa. Ideal for summer evenings.

The baths in Thermoludic and Origins are back

On your next visit, you won’t have to miss out on the contrasting water temperatures in the Indo-Roman baths or the main lagoon’s hydromassage tubs. And you’ll also be able to get invigorated in the outdoor lagoon’s currents or relax in the Hammam.
Don’t forget, if you book a massage of at least 20 minutes you can head up to the Origins spa, which is home to the famed grapefruit and Aztec baths, the outdoor Jacuzzi and more.
Check out the Thermoludic timetables here and book admission as soon as possible because capacity is limited due to COVID-19.

Likids, Caldea’s spa for children is also back.

You’ll have to wait a little longer, but only until 3 July. You can come with your little ones from 3 years old, because Likids also reopens its doors. Until 12 September, it is open every day from 10am to 4pm. The youngest members of the family will also have a great time at Caldea!

We’re welcoming back families with children aged 5 and up

That’s right, we’re awaiting your arrival! Relax in the thermal waters after a day of mountain or introduce your little ones (aged 5 and up) to the magic of spas and thermal waters. It’s a wonderful experience for the whole family and you can get the best deal with our family packages.

Take advantage of the packages that include lunch or dinner at the restaurant

The Mediterranean and Aquatic, now you will know them as Blu,  restaurants have fired up their ovens to bring you the best pasta, rice, pizza, meat and fish dishes once again. It’s the best way to regain your strength after a morning or afternoon in the spa. Check out our offers that include dining.

Inúu, with more services

The thermal centre’s most comprehensive admission, only for those aged over 16. On top of access to Inúu, the adults only spa, it also includes admission to Origins and Thermoludic as well as rental of bathing materials (bathrobe, flip-flops and a towel). You can also enhance the experience by adding one of our new Sothys treatments.
Now it’s time to kick off the winter season in style.

Buy everything you need in the Caldea shop

If you don’t want to arrive fully laden or you prefer to make your mind up at the last minute, don’t worry! You can purchase swimwear in our shop as well as renting a bathrobe and towel. You’ll also find other bathing accessories and our beauty products if you’re in the market for a unique Andorran souvenir.

We were saving it for last: the shows are back!

We are very happy, because this summer we are bringing back the shows in the main lagoon of the Thermoludic and in the terrace of Inúu. Besides, we will also have cocktail nights and pool party again. But this will be a little later in July… Stay tuned to our blog and we will inform you of all the details.😉

Thermoludic is reopening its doors, but we’re implementing every possible prevention measure for COVID-19. Make your booking in advance and enjoy all the baths and the panoramic lagoon from 11 June.

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