Three nutriments (and a smoothie) for surviving the cold in Andorra.

Jerseys, blankets, thermal vests, not going outdoors… you have certainly tried everything to avoid the cold, or at least to combat it as much as possible. But… what if we told you that what you eat can also keep you warm?
Here are some nutriments and dishes that will help you to forget about low temperatures:

A good soup

Ok, ok, we already know about that… it’s very typical. But you can’t deny that after a really cold day or morning you would find a nice warm bowl of it very appealing. It could be the classic chicken soup or, if you prefer something more exotic, try making a miso soup which, as well as warming you up, will also whet your appetite.

Include the sea in your cuisine

In snow, cold weather and wind, probably the last thing you think about is the ocean. But the truth is that the inclusion of fish in your meals could be your best ally in winter.
During these months, your body needs a higher calorific intake to be able to maintain the optimal body temperature, and oily fish is a rich source of healthy fats such as omega 3.
Baked, a la plancha, in sauce ‒ you decide!

Spoon dishes

Perhaps you fancy something more substantial? Don’t hesitate to be tempted by a good vegetable dish. Lentils and beans contain very little fat but provide a lot of nutriments such as iron and fibre which will help your body to combat the cold.

A touch of sweetness

Whether for breakfast, as a snack, or simply as a whim, a smoothie is the perfect solution.
We suggest a mixture of kale, banana and orange. This will fill your body with large quantities of vitamins K, A and C, which are perfect for preparing your immune system to face the lowest temperatures.
And if you would like other ideas and combinations for ‘smoothies’, take advantage of your visit to INÚU by participating in one of the smoothie workshops which take place during the week.

Are you hungry for more nutritional advice? If so, you could also attend other classes such as the one about superfoods or the one about aids to digestion. And you could ward off the cold in our thermal waters.

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