5 tips to avoid the post-holiday blues when you return to work

Summer is synonymous with freedom, great weather, long days, enjoying holidays and the things we can only do at this time of year… but eventually it comes to an end and we have to return to work and our daily routines. Thinking about organising school stuff for the kids, their activities, new clothes to suit the season, and a plethora of others things can be exhausting. But don’t despair! Implement these 5 expert tips and getting back to normal won’t be so difficult.

1. Get good nutrition and rest

Seek out seasonal foods and the nutrients that provide the most energy. Try to eat less at each meal and spread your intake more evenly. Have about 5 meals to distribute and maintain the energy you need throughout the day and avoid burdening your digestive system. Make sure you sleep for the right amount of hours, because not getting enough sleep will make you feel tired all day.

2. Treat yourself

Nothing beats a bit of relaxation to recharge your batteries, and you should also take the opportunity to refresh your skin. After long periods of sun exposure, your dermis will be suffering and in need of some recovery before you face the winter months. We suggest the 60-minute Citrus Body Scrub by Natura Bissé: a full-body exfoliation that removes dead cells and gives skin a silky-smooth appearance, while also repairing the effects of the summer sun.

3. New activities on the horizon

To help you return to work highly motivated, find a new activity that allows you to disconnect from your obligations and brings fresh excitement to your life. It can be something that lets you meet new people or something that you share with your friends, partner or family. Anything that helps you break from the daily routine is beneficial.

4. Organisation

Thoroughly plan everything that you need to accomplish during the week in advance. Break it down into daily tasks and review them before you go to bed or in the morning so you can organise your day. This is a highly effective method of reducing stress, because it keeps everything under control and you won’t need to worry about forgetting anything.

5. And of course, start planning your next holiday!

Planning your next destination, even though there is still plenty of time before your next holiday, will make you feel happier. Just the thought of working towards a new goal will help you to accomplish your day-to-day obligations.

You’ll find that it’s not so hard… follow our 5 tips so you can get off to a strong start this autumn once you’ve returned to reality. And if the wait until your next holiday starts to feel too long, don’t hesitate to make a getaway to CALDEA and book admission to the centre plus a night in a hotel.

Happy return to normality!

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