Get away for Sant Jordi (St George’s Day): plans to enjoy as a family or a couple

Legend has it, there was once a ferocious and wicked dragon who terrorised an entire population. To calm its fury, the citizens gave the dragon two sheep every day. Once all the sheep had been eaten, they gave the dragon their oxen, then their horses… but nothing satisfied its hunger. Eventually, the livestock had all been consumed and the only solution was to randomly select citizens to satiate its appetite. Unfortunately, the King’s daughter was the first person to be chosen for sacrifice. According to the legend, the King and the princess accepted this cruel twist of fate without protest. St George, a dazzling knight astride a magnificent white horse, arrived just in time and attacked the dragon without hesitation. He was victorious and the princess was saved. The legend also states that a rosebush of beautiful red roses grew from the blood of the dragon and St George picked the prettiest flower to offer it to the princess as a token of his love.
Have you heard this ancient legend? Whether you celebrate Sant Jordi every year or you’re yet to experience it, we encourage you to celebrate with us this year.

23 April, a date to remember

When Easter comes to an end, there’s a golden opportunity to continue experiencing happy moments with your special someone. Strictly speaking, tradition dictates that the man (just like St George) gives his beloved a red rose, while the woman offers him a book in return. Nowadays, many companies give red roses to their female employees, while husbands and sons give them to their wives and mothers respectively… but it’s also a day that’s devoted to books (which women give to the men in their lives).

Break with tradition!

Tradition aside, we suggest that you make the most of the Sant Jordi celebrations and experience special moments with your significant other.

If you have young children and you don’t want to forgo a day with the family, we suggest that you all visit our Thermoludic space together to enjoy an unforgettable experience. If your children are aged 3 to 8, they can discover the Likids world of wellness under the watchful eye of our specialist supervisors; meanwhile you can enjoy some intimate time with your partner.

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If your whole universe is just you and your partner, we suggest a day in Inúu, Caldea’s adults only space. In addition to feeling the benefits of our centre’s thermal waters, you can also attend the various wellness workshops free of charge. And if you want to give yourself an extra treat, don’t think twice about combining your admission to Inúu with access to our Private Wellness area (where you can also enjoy a duo massage with your partner). Tempted?

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For Sant Jordi, enjoy a surprising proposal that goes beyond roses and books. Get away to Andorra and experience a unique day with those you love the most.

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