Caldea has undergone preparations and is now a COVID-Ready space


Yes! We’re COVID Ready, or in other words, we’ve done our homework and we’re ready to offer you a safe return after the pandemic.
At Caldea, and in Andorra, we’ve made thorough preparations so your holiday can be the same as always, but with maximum safety. New protective measures have been implemented to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in shops, activities and restaurants throughout the country. In the vast majority of these locations, the capacity has been limited to ensure that a safe distance can be maintained and the use of masks and disinfectant gels is compulsory.
To help you come prepared, we will outline how these new safety measures apply from the moment you arrive at Caldea and during all activities within the centre. Everything is explained here.

Upon arrival

You can enter Caldea through the main entrance, or the car park if you arrive by car. If you enter from the car park located in our building, you can go directly to the reception via the lift, but only members of the same family can use it at the same time. Payment is made directly in the car park before the exit at the cash machine on floor 0.
From the moment you arrive, wearing a mask is compulsory in all areas except the thermal bath space.

Validate your admission

Use the self check-in kiosks to validate your voucher by scanning the QR code on the reader and retrieving the wristband for entering the spa and locking your locker. But please remember to book in advance on our website so we don’t run out of spaces. Don’t forget that we’ve limited the number of guests who come to our centre so we can maintain the minimum safe distance. You can always purchase admission when you arrive, but you’ll have to adjust to the available time slots.
You can also purchase all Caldea’s services on the website for the best price: admission to Thermoludic or Inúu, massages, meals in the restaurant and offers with a hotel or activities. Check them out here!

In the changing rooms

Get changed and leave your clothes in the locker, including your towel. Head to the showers barefoot or wearing the single-use booties that are only available at the Caldea shop. Showering with soap is compulsory before entering the thermal water area. The safe distance is also maintained in the changing room, which is why we are using every other locker. You will also find hydroalcoholic gel and disposable towels in this space. Areas such as bathrooms and sinks are being cleaned and disinfected with products that are triple action: bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal. Towels and bathrobes are being washed at over 60ºC.

Bathe with total peace of mind

Wearing a mask isn’t necessary in the thermal bath area, but capacity is limited in the facilities to allow the minimum safe distance of between one and two metres to be maintained. Caldea’s thermal waters are treated with two powerful broad-spectrum disinfectants: chlorine and ultraviolet light. According to the WHO, chlorine is sufficient to kill viruses such as the coronavirus and UV light is effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi. And they are also safe for skin.
We clean the massage and treatment cabins before and after every use, disposable materials are used and the massage therapists are equipped with FFP2 screen masks, surgical masks and disposable gowns.

In the restaurant

We are also limiting the number of diners, so we recommend that you make a reservation before you come. Tables cannot be occupied by more than 10 people. We have stepped up the cleaning in this area and we’re using single-use tablecloths, napkins and oil dispensers and implementing the same measures as in the rest of the thermal centre.

Cleaning and hygiene measures

We are increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all the centre’s facilities, especially those that come into contact with hands, such as railings, lift buttons, doors, etc. You will find disinfectant gel and information signs in all areas. Our clients and our staff are required to wear a mask at all times, except in the thermal water area. The staff have received the appropriate equipment and instructions tailored to each workspace. You can view our full protocol if you would like more information about the measures we have taken to prevent COVID-19.

You and your safety are very important to us at Caldea. We’ve prepared everything so you only need to think about having a good time. We are COVID Ready!

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