Fitness + self-shiatsu: body and mind on form with your “spa” at home.

How are you doing? In Andorra we continue to take many precautions, but we are now able to begin enjoying our streets and mountains a little more. One month after confinement was ordered, we are slowly starting on the road back to normality. We are still obliged to stay at home, but we can now go outside for one hour on alternate days, and at pre-established times, to walk or run within a radius of 2 km from our homes. This feels wonderful, and we enjoy every second of the pure air which fills us and charges us with energy. For the first time in a month, families can go out together, and children can run again.
This fills us with optimism and strength. It is the proof that it will not be long before everything returns to normal, and we can see each other again 😀.
Meanwhile, we are still with you. And today, we propose some exercises to keep your body and mind on form during the quarantine. Operation Fitness in Caldea, from a distance.

Abdominals of steel

It’s no secret – or is it? To get that bar of chocolate that you crave, you have to work for it. The good news is that you can do so at home.
If you have no mat, find a rug to protect your back.
Choose some background music which motivates you. Raise your legs to 90º, lift your arms off the floor, and try to move your head towards your knees. Do this in a controlled manner, and notice how your abdomen is working. When you have reached as far as you can, hold yourself there for a few seconds, and notice the burning feeling. Go down slowly, and then repeat the exercise. Do two or three series of 10 or 15 abdominals, and repeat them a couple of times a day, if you can.
We can’t promise you perfect abdominals, but we can assure you that you will notice the difference after a few days.

Activate your metabolism

Yumi, our expert in Oriental treatments, would like to propose a simple exercise of facial self-shiatsu for you. In her native Japan, this is used to activate the metabolism. So if you combine it with fitness exercises, it will help your body to tone up and gain vitality. A clear example of the tandem “body and mind” on form.

To activate your metabolism by means of facial self-shiatsu, place the index finger of your right hand under the tip of your nose. Move the finger gently from left to right. Repeat this movement 12 times.

We really want to see you again. And the best thing is that, with each passing day, the end is nearer.
So look after yourself. Rest. Work on your body and your mind. And if you feel like it, tell us what you are going to do first, after all of this is over.

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