The five great benefits of bathing in cold water

Perhaps, when you hear it, the idea repels you, and even more so when winter is just round the corner, but…there’s nothing like taking a bath in freezing water! You don’t believe it? Read on, and discover the five great benefits which a cold bath can bring to your body.


When exposed to low temperatures, your bloodstream is activated and carries more blood to your organs and to all your tissues, repairing them more quickly. That’s why many sportspeople take freezing baths after their training sessions. Moreover, if, after practising your sport, you feel any kind of discomfort or inflammation, it will diminish, or even disappear.

More healthy skin

We usually wash our face with warm or hot water, thus dilating the pores of our skin to eliminate toxins, but this also dries the skin, which then loses its lustre. So it’s advisable to complete the cleaning process by submerging one’s face in cold water. The low temperature will cause the pores to close, and the skin recovers vitality and firmness. In addition, the head is instantly cleared!

A stronger body

With cold water baths, our nervous and immune systems are aroused and strengthened, making our body more immune and more resistant to viruses and bacteria. There’s nothing like cold water to shake up our defences!

Loss of weight

Can one lose weight simply by taking a bath? Surprisingly, yes. When the temperature to which the body is exposed is lowered, the body has to begin to burn fat in order to generate heat and keep itself warm.

More powerful lungs

Contact with cold water not only increases the heart rate; it also makes the lungs work more powerfully. You will feel your respiratory tracts opening, bringing even more oxygen to your body and giving you more energy.

Now that you know some of the benefits of bathing in freezing water, it only remains to experience them at first hand. Come to Thermoludic in CALDEA, and dare yourself to go down the steps into our freezing water passage so as to come out completely renewed. Or you could experiment with the contrasting temperatures which you will find in our thermal circuits.

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