Fight off autumn colds. Here’s how!

If you are one of those people who catch colds easily when autumn begins, this article will interest you! Unfortunately, we have no magic formula which will make you immune to sneezing, general discomfort and mucus, but we are going to try to advise you how to strengthen your defences.

Why me?

You have asked yourself this a thousand times, haven’t you? The answer is quite simple: it’s because your organism is easy to attack. Your ‘internal’ strength is a product of many factors such as the humidity of the climate in which you live, environmental pollution, stress, nutrition…

Nutrition, your best ally

There is no doubt that a varied and balanced diet will help your organism to build up good defences. Seasonal foods, which are fresher and which have better-preserved properties and nutrients, are your best friends. And if you have access to ecological products, even better!

Try to include vitamin C in your diet, preferably from natural sources containing bioflavonoids: this will help you to avoid colds and influenzas and will aid recovery if they are already present. Shiitake mushrooms (which have been cultivated for centuries in mountainous regions of Asia), as well as being very highly prized for their taste, are very well known for their medicinal properties because they help to improve the organism’s resistance to attacks from outside. Royal jelly, thanks to its wealth of essential nutrients, will help to keep your defences in tip-top condition.

And what if I already have a cold?

And if you have caught a cold again this year, you can remedy it immediately: begin by stimulating your immune system with Echinacea, and complement its action by taking propolis, a powerful, natural antibiotic which is ideal for treating infections of the upper respiratory tracts (colds, flu, otitis, laryngitis…). Try to avoid refined sugars and fatty foods, because they impede the normal functioning of the liver and take energy away from the organism (which will be trying as hard as possible to recuperate). Sleep for the necessary number of hours, try to control your nerves and stress, and… come to Caldea!

The power of thermal waters

Caldea’s thermal waters have special properties. They emerge at the surface at 70ºC, and after they have lost some of that heat you will find them in all our lagoons, Jacuzzis etc. Their high sulphide and mineral content produces anti-allergy and decongestant effects in the body. And if you also take advantage of our hammam, you will notice how the eucalyptus vapours open your respiratory tracts, helping you to recover from the cold.
This autumn, you still have time to sidestep the colds and flus which are so typical of this season. And if the worst comes to the worst, you can exchange the bed and the glasses of milk and honey for a few hours at Caldea, allowing the natural properties of our thermal waters to help you recover.


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