Aromatherapy: well-being from aromas

The aroma of freshly-washed sheets, of a bouquet of flowers, of fruit… we don’t know what clouds smell of, but there is certainly a perfume which relaxes you, refreshes you, and makes you feel well. And we also know that you’re thinking about it now!

We invite you to discover aromatherapy: a treatment that is based on the sense of smell as a means of caring for one’s health.

How does it work?

There are several ways of applying aromatherapy. The best-known are: inhalation, smelling directly or through diffusers or steam as in a hammam, or in an aromatic bath.

But one can also benefit from the effects of aromas by means of a massage in which the aromas are dissolved in the lotions or oils that are used during the treatment.

Each technique affects the body in a different way: inhalation is ideal for solving respiratory problems or for improving the health of your skin, and baths and massages are ideal for relaxing, for toning up the muscles and for improving the circulation.

The aromas

A thousand and one aromas are used in aromatherapy, each with its own effects. A few examples are given below:

Lavender: thanks to its relaxing effect, this aroma alleviates tension and accumulated stress.

Lemon: this citrus fruit relieves mental fatigue and improves blood circulation through its stimulating and refreshing aroma.

Mint: perfect for inhaling, mint is antiseptic and decongestant. It is well known for being very effective in treating breathing discomfort and problems in the digestive tract.

Grapefruit: purifying and detoxifying are two of the main properties of this fruit, which is full of vitamin C.

“How do you feel…?”

Don’t hesitate anymore! At CALDEA we invite you to discover aromatherapy for yourself, with a grapefruit bath and a 45-minute aromatic massage. You’re beginning to like the idea, aren’t you?

Reserve it now together with your ticket to INÚU, and tell us about the experience via the social networks.

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