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Sothys Basic Energy Detox (45´)
Cleansing, oxygenation and revitalisation of the skin.
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Cleansing, oxygenation and revitalisation of the skin.

A customised treatment for skins which lack lustre and oxygenation. It cleanses, detoxifies and smooths the complexion, producing a brighter, revitalised skin with fewer expression lines. It is ideal as a first stage, and serves to reinforce the subsequent treatments.


Cleanses and detoxifies the skin’s impurities. It helps the skin to become more resistant to the pollution which surrounds us, which is one of the causes of accelerated ageing.
The use of invigorating ampoules of biological Siberian ginseng roots fills out the complexion, noticeably reduces the appearance of expression lines and results in a brightly glowing skin.
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Inúu (+16 years *include Thermoludic)
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