Treatments and Massages

Enjoy the best massages and beauty treatments:
general and partial massages, oriental treatments, aquatic massages,
facial and body treatments from the exclusive Sothys brand.

And to enjoy as a couple, a selection of duo massages
that you can combine with our Private Spa,
an unforgettable experience!


Beauty for your skin, care for the planet
Faciales Sothys
Let your face feel the benefits of the exclusive Sothys cosmetic brand's facial treatments. An innovative brand that researches and designs its own formulas using natural active ingredients focused on skin care, creating a unique cabin experience. Their customised and highly effective treatments will give you a visibly younger look, with instant and long-lasting results.

Sothys Body Treatments
Sothys body treatments invite you to discover a whole universe of sensations. Rituals for exfoliation, relaxation, beauty, and even Japanese and Indonesian treatments. Intensive treatments that deliver visible effects from the first session while also respecting the planet.


Sothys Intense Energy Detox (75´)


Discover our extensive menu of Asian treatments:
Thai, Indian and Japanese treatments to restore the balance between body and mind..

India – Thailand – Japan
The joy of a sensory journey to the East
Thai Treatments
Replenish your inner energy and rebalance your mind and emotions by releasing tension and blockages with our Thai massage. Through a meticulous adherence to the protocols of this age-old technique, these treatments will bring harmony to your body and mind.

Tratamientos Japoneses
Travel from Thailand to Japan to experience the benefits of Shiatsu. Shiatsu (or Japanese massage) is an ancestral technique based on finger pressure which corrects the flow of vital energy through your body to restore inner balance.

Ayurvedic and Indian Treatments
Fans of Ayurvedic massages and treatments will find an extensive range of choices at Caldea. From Abhyangam to Navarakkizhi or Indian head and face treatments to unblock your chakras.


90' Anti Voage fatigue

For couples
Duo Massage + Private Spa

60min duo general treatment


Private Spa 30 min.

General Massages
Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage. Our therapist will work on your whole body so you leave feeling brand new. Massages performed completely by hand that will transport you to a world of serenity.

Partial Massages
If time is short, or you prefer a localised massage on a specific area of your body, you'll love our partial massages. A back, leg or head massage, or even foot reflexology, are just some of the options you can book at CALDEA.

Aquatic Massages
From our massage selection, of course we couldn't miss out the aquatic massages. They combine the properties of our thermal waters with the benefits of manual massages to ensure deep relaxation.

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