Unmissable workshops and activities in Inúu this summer

This summer, we’re expanding our range of workshops and activities in Inúu. We cover a variety of topics so you can stay up to date on relaxation techniques, beauty care, and even how to perform self-massage… among other things. The workshops take between 15 and 45 minutes and are included in the price of any admission to Inúu, Caldea’s adults only spa. Keep reading to find out about them all and choose the ones that pique your interest most – because you can do more than one) 😉

For pampering yourself:

Fresh skin: we demonstrate some simple techniques that you can add to your daily beauty routine.
Perfume making: lets you create and personalise your own fragrance.
Tea & Spa: you’ll learn about the properties and benefits of different types of tea.

For disconnecting:

Tibetan bowls: a classic from our selection! If you’re yet to try it, this one is essential. You’ll be astounded by their relaxing powers.
Aquarelax: yoga movements and underwater stretching with a relaxing soundtrack will help you to achieve a state of absolute calm.
Zen Moment: in this mindfulness workshop we will work with mantras and breathing control.
Mindful Movements: working with techniques to achieve a state of complete consciousness.
Pilates Flow: conventional Pilates with new movements added that is performed to music.

For relaxing:

AutoShiatsu: we’ll teach you the technique so you can perform this age-old massage with great health benefits on yourself.
Thai Reflex: learn to self-massage your feet with our Thai method.
Relaxing massage on the water beds: while you relax on the water beds in Inúu, our professionals will demonstrate how to perform a cranial massage.
In your hands: You can put this workshop into practice straight away at home and perform a soft and pleasurable hand massage.

 And don’t forget, every night from 3 to 24 August, to coincide with the Aküa show, you can drink a cocktail at Caldea’s Cocktail Nights (also included in the price of admission).
Which one will you choose? You can find the schedules here so you can book your 4-hour admission in the morning, afternoon or night depending on your favourite workshops and activities.

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