Discover the new Tristaina solar viewpoint

We’ve got something new in Andorra!
This summer we’ve unveiled a new viewpoint where you can admire truly stunning views. Located above the Tristaina lakes in Arcalís, this is Andorra’s biggest new attraction for the summer – and with good reason! Do you want to know where it is, how to get there and why it’s so special? Keep reading!

The perfect activity to do with children in Andorra

The Tristaina solar viewpoint is located at 2701 metres above sea level on the Peyreguils peak in the Ordino Arcalís resort. It is a radial structure with a diameter of 25 metres and a circular walkway that’s 1.5 metres wide. In addition to being a spectacular viewpoint, it also serves as a sundial in honour of the Arcalís solar mountain. This peak guards a special secret: every 7 August at 7:37 a.m., the sun can be seen passing across an opening in the mountain. A unique but little-known phenomenon that inspired the creation of this sundial. The centre of the viewpoint features a huge 27-metre mast that marks the time on the structure itself.

The views are truly awe-inspiring. Take a moment to breathe and admire the grandeur of the surrounding mountains. Since the viewpoint is right above, you can also enjoy a superb panoramic view of the Tristaina lakes from here, and these views stretch out towards the Auzat valleys on the French side, with the Pica d’Estats (3,143 m) towering in the background.

How to get to the solar viewpoint

Head to the Ordino Arcalís resort and the car park at the bottom of the cable car, this will take you to La Coma in around 15 minutes. From there take the Creussans chairlift, which will bring you a little nearer to the summit, leaving you with just a 15-minute walk with virtually no incline to reach your destination. But if you prefer, you can also walk up from the first stop and make the most of the opportunity for a hike in Andorra 😊.

After a day of excitement at Andorra’s new solar viewpoint, nothing beats finishing off in Caldea’s thermal waters. If you come with children aged 5 and up, you can visit Thermoludic and also enjoy the 360º views over the River Valira from our panoramic lagoon.
Are you ready for this new summer plan?
Mountain + Caldea = this summer’s best combination.


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