Geothermal massage: feel nature’s energy

At CALDEA, we’re always looking for ways to surprise you, and that’s why we’re the ultimate place for massages and treatments. Our extensive menu features a broad selection of techniques and applications, including everything from classic massages to oriental and cutting-edge beauty treatments.

Geothermal treatment: an unmissable classic

During your visit to CALDEA, we recommend that you try the geothermal treatment, a 90-minute stress-relieving body massage that provides balance by harmonising the mind, body and spirit.
Its origins lie in Chinese and Native American cultures, which relieved pain with stones by using them to massage uncomfortable areas of the body.
Our geothermal treatment is performed using hot and cold stones. Light pressure and thermal stimulation are applied to the chakras: interconnected points on our bodies through which energy flows. The hot stones will relax your muscles and the cold ones will tone your body.

 A comprehensive treatment with significant benefits

Our geothermal treatment is also accompanied by aromatherapy, music therapy and chromotherapy. A comprehensive massage that also provides significant benefits, including a sensation of total relaxation and wellbeing that, when combined with the calming effect on the nervous system, improves sleep, joint pain and the circulation, while also reducing stress and anxiety.

Now that you know all about this massage and the numerous benefits it provides, you can stop hesitating and make a reservation that includes admission to INÚU, CALDEA’s Adults Only space. And if you want to make the experience even more complete, book a night in a hotel here. The perfect plan for a summer getaway.

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