5 tips for sleeping well

Eating well, exercising and proper rest are essential to leading a healthy lifestyle. Getting 8 hours of sleep each night can significantly improve your health and make you feel more optimistic about your daily life.

Below you will find some tips that will help you to fall asleep more quickly and to sleep more deeply.


This may sound obvious, but getting tired is the best way to help yourself fall asleep more quickly at night. So whether you choose a gym routine or a sport like running, swimming or long walks, you will notice that you feel more rested in the mornings because the percentage of deep sleep you will get during the night will be higher.

Create a routine

Following a set schedule for each of the day’s activities is another step you can take to help you sleep better. When you establish a routine, your body gets used to feeling sleepy and going to bed at a certain time. But don’t forget that this also means that you have to try to get up at the same time every day, as this will make you feel fresher in the mornings.

An appropriate environment

One of the worst enemies of sleep is the presence of screens and lights in our bedrooms. We are used to checking social media or texting when we are already in bed, which is counterproductive as our brains stay active and associate the bed as a place for working rather than relaxation.

Avoid using your phone in the bedroom and remember that the presence of TV screens or other lights may make it more difficult for you to wind down at night.

At the table

The best way to avoid feeling bloated before going to bed is to have a light dinner a couple of hours before bed time, as this gives your body time to start digesting the food. Moreover, there are some foods that can also help you fall asleep, like almonds, lettuce and bananas.

A day of relaxation

And if you need to completely disconnect for a while, go ahead and book some time at INÚU, Andorra’s Adults Only space. We have a thousand and one places and ways for you to relax thanks to our thermal waters. You can float in one of our lagoons and completely empty your mind so when the night time comes you will feel totally rested.

Try following these tips, lie in bed and feel your eyes closing as you drift off to sleep.

Sweet dreams!

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