Relax and disconnect at Inúu with the Tibetan bowl workshop


At Inúu, we like to organise different types of activities which we rotate throughout the year. The Tibetan bowl workshop is certainly one of our classics. If you’ve been before, you’ll be familiar with the bowls and will have experienced their benefits. If you still haven’t tried it, let us tell you all about their properties so you can enjoy them on your next visit. The best part: it’s included in the price of admission to Inúu! 😉

Relaxation therapy with Tibetan bowls

Relax your mind and body thanks to the sounds and vibrations these metallic instruments create. Reverberations are emitted from the bowls when they are hit or stroked with a wooden wand. Various origins have been attributed to this ancient tradition, but it was the monks of Tibet who first began using them in their ceremonies and meditations.

The vibrations emitted by the bowls have many benefits, most notably:
•Helping to alleviate stress and settle the mind
•Exercising brain activity and enhancing creativity
•Relieving headaches
•Helping with insomnia

Tibetan bowl workshop at Caldea

At Inúu, you too can reach a little oasis of peace and tranquillity with this workshop that we typically run all year round. All you need to do is check the schedule and book your place. Relaxation with Tibetan bowls takes place in a separate room that is quiet and free of noise.
Lie back in a hammock, close your eyes and clear your mind. Allow yourself to be guided by the sound and the directions from the instructor. For greater comfort, don’t forget the bathrobe, which we will lend you along with a towel and flip-flops as part of your admission to Inúu. When it’s over, you can prolong your moment of serenity on the Berlingot’s waterbeds or in the outdoor lagoon.

At Caldea, we love it when you discover new ways to disconnect.
If you haven’t tried this relaxation technique yet, purchase admission to Inúu now so you don’t have to hear about it from someone else.

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