CALDEA’s Thermoludic space is making a quick pit stop

CALDEA’s Thermoludic space will be closed from 28 May to 8 June 😞. But don’t despair! You can enjoy INÚU while we improve this space and get ready to offer you an even more incredible experience.

Do you want to discover everything that awaits you from 9 June onwards? Then read on!

More technology

We want to take a step towards the future and incorporate new technologies into Thermoludic. This means that the premises must be prepared so that from 1 July we can install information screens throughout the centre to display evocative images and guide you throughout your visit.

We will also be implementing a new system for lockers, wristbands and access control, which will make moving between the different spaces much quicker and easier.

And the icing on the cake… we are improving the lighting so our night shows  will be even more spectacular!

The same high quality as always

In addition to improving our premises, we will also be taking advantage of this quick pit stop to perform some maintenance procedures that cannot be carried out when customers are present, and to fine tune the system that renews our thermal water, which as you already know, is a scarce commodity that we must look after!

The water we use in CALDEA is recirculated every 60 to 90 minutes; it leaves the pools, passes through a filter, and is cleaned using UV disinfection before returning to the lagoons completely renewed two or three days later.

But this is not the only technique we use to ensure that our thermal waters are perfect: each day we perform an automatic analysis and two manual analyses, the results of which are monitored by a specialist water treatment company that has been accredited by the Government of Andorra.

If you were planning to visit Thermoludic during our pit stop, we suggest two options:

  • Take the opportunity to enjoy INÚU, our Adults Only space
  • Wait until the opening on 9 June and check out all our news

Which one will you choose?

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