Your body and Caldea’s thermal water are more alike than you think.

I’m sure you’ve heard that our bodies are mostly made up of water… and it’s true! But that’s the easy answer.
Caldea’s waters contain the four main elements that make up our bodies, mostly in the form of water, plus an additional eight.
Discover them here!


Exactly! It is the O in H2O, the formula for water. Oxygen not only allows us to breathe, it also makes up 65% of our bodies. So the next time you feel the need to go outside for some air, you should be aware that your body is already full of it.


Although you’d probably prefer to be made up of iron so you could say that you’re just like Tony Stark, carbon is one of the main ingredients of life, and without it you’d be weaker than Superman near a piece of kryptonite.


The other major constituent of water! Despite being the most common chemical element in the entire universe, our bodies are only 10% hydrogen, and it is mainly used to produce the water in our system.


Even though the human body is only 3% nitrogen, this explosive element is essential for creating our DNA, and simply for existing.

The other elements in the human body, despite only occurring in small quantities, also play a key role in our health… and you can find them all at CALDEA!

Our thermal water

Why do I feel so good when I bathe at CALDEA? Why is my skin so soft and why do I feel renewed when I get out of the water? Many of these kinds of questions can be answered with four words: “because of its composition.” Thermal water contains many elements found in our bodies that are essential for wellbeing, such as calcium, potassium, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, iron, fluoride, silicon and even aluminium.

A bath and a moment to merge with the water around you, so you can feel 100% in balance while you rest or have fun.

Want to bathe in your natural chemistry?

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