The summer holidays have arrived! Discover Likids with your children

The school year has flown by once again. So now the kids have two months of freedom ahead of them which parents can use to plan family holidays and getaways to enjoy the good weather.

Likids, a thermal spa designed for little ones

If you’re looking for fun and unconventional activities for your young ones in Andorra, then look no further than Likids, CALDEA’s exclusive children’s spa. Children can enter from the age of 3 (sorry 😞 if your child is 2 and a half you will have to wait until they turn 3) up to the age of 8. You can accompany your children to the entrance, and from there our supervisors will look after them until you return to collect them. Don’t worry, Likids is a completely safe environment for children: the pools and Jacuzzis are shallow and our team of professionals monitor the kids constantly while providing recreational activities to keep them entertained. So you can relax… just like when you leave your son or daughter at the nursery or school, in Likids they will be safe and well cared for (and they will also have a fantastic time!)

What is there to do in Likids?

The children are the real stars in Likids, and they can enjoy their first spa experience in our thermal waters. Bathing in our waters will give them respiratory and skin benefits, without them ever realising. And in addition, we have created loads of activities so they can enjoy their time here to the full.
In the thermal lagoon (a small interaction pool that is only 40 cm deep) they will receive an initiation to wellness culture and slow living. There are 4 different areas: the water bed area (with relaxing bubbles), the games area (for practising psychomotricity exercises, yoga, etc.) the water currents area and the space with water cannons (where they can play by spraying moderately intense water jets at the soft beach).
In the fitness area, they will discover what CrossFit is while they play with the exercises that our supervisors will teach them: yoga, psychomotricity exercises, balance, coordination… all adapted for this younger age group.
In the Sauna Lounge (where the temperature never rises above 24ºC), we will take the opportunity to cultivate their minds as well as their bodies with fun educational activities. In this space we will provide an initiation to relaxation through a combination of guided learning and relaxation activities. We will read stories, watch videos or play games in English.
The soft beach is the space for games involving sensations. It has been created from dunes of different sizes made from soft materials, on which the children can sit, lie down and do all the activities that the supervisor suggests for them, which are designed to develop their psychomotor and intellectual capacities.
The Beauty space is the favourite of all the little princesses who visit us! They can enjoy spa treatments specially designed for children which use products tailored to them, including manicures, foot massages, face masks with yoghurt and more!
And let’s not forget the Jacuzzi. A small pool with bubbles and hydromassage jets that are perfect for relaxing muscles.

So you see, children will learn to relax and enjoy slow living at Likids, but they won’t be bored for a single second! And while they are having fun and experiencing new sensations from the spa universe in a completely safe environment, their parents can enjoy Thermoludic or Inúu as a couple.
Add Likids to your diary as a can’t-miss experience for your children this summer, and take advantage of our offers for families when you book!

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