Slow life for children at Likids

School, English lessons, swimming, football, drawing lessons, tennis, homework, revision time… STOP!
Don’t you think it would be worthwhile putting the brakes on their day-to-day lives and teaching them to enjoy free time? Time for playing, thinking, doing nothing, relaxing, letting their imaginations run wild…

The slow life philosophy

The slow lifestyle was pioneered in the late 80s by Carlo Petrini, who led a group of gastronomy enthusiasts in rebellion against the first fast food restaurant to open in the heart of the Italian capital. This was the beginning of the opposition to the “fast” lifestyle which, according to them, represented a serious threat to the slow, simple and healthy lifestyle enjoyed by Europeans. It served to create an alternative philosophy, named slow food, which sought to combat fast food along with the accelerated and destructive way of life it represents.

The benefits of slow life for children

If you stop to look, you will notice that our children are immersed in the “fast” life. Not just because of timetables and the burden of school and extracurricular activities, but also because of the way they view the world.
For them, everything must be “now”. Do you remember when we had to wait for our favourite TV show to start before we could watch it? Nowadays, everything is à la carte. It’s hard for them to do nothing, and they can’t stand boredom…
Teaching them to relax and keep everything around them in perspective is a very useful tool for both the present and future, as it will help them to face their daily lives with a calm serenity.

An introduction to the slow life at Likids

At Likids, the exclusive children’s spa in Caldea, the little ones can enjoy the thermal waters and their benefits by practising activities that will introduce them to the world of slow living. Combining psychomotor games with the pleasure of feeling Jacuzzi bubbles on their backs; playing on a CrossFit circuit and enjoying a narrated story or an animation with music and puppets; practising yoga and guided relaxation; getting a spa treatment… and all of this “at their own pace”, no rushing…

Break away from the hustle and bustle and invite your children to discover the essence of the slow life philosophy at Likids—they will want to try it again for sure!


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