Seasonal foods to give you the energy to face autumn

Change of season, change of seasonal foods. Keep reading to find out about the seasonal produce we recommend so you can start autumn off on the right foot.

The importance of eating seasonal produce

Your body has certain needs in every season, so it is essential to give it the right nutrients so it can adapt. We are coming out of the summer period when the days are longer, it’s warm, we are making the most of the sun, we enjoy eating and we’re more flexible with our daily habits. But then September arrives… and suddenly the rhythm of life speeds up (going back to school, to the routine, etc.). The days get shorter, the temperature drops, and we need to repair our bodies and skin after the summer excess before preparing them for winter. So the best thing to do is give yourself vitamins and extra energy with seasonal foods.

Autumn foods

– Oranges, mandarins, grapefruits and kiwis: foods rich in vitamin C that help us fight off colds.
– Black grapes and pomegranates: these fruits contain powerful antioxidants that are perfect for repairing the skin from within after the summer. They also prevent dryness and redness due to external elements like the cold.
– Aubergines: due to their high fibre content, these vegetables are ideal for improving digestion.
– Pumpkin: a diet essential this season. Eat them in soup dishes, on their own, or with other vegetables and ingredients.
– Mushrooms: another typical autumn ingredient. They are the perfect accompaniment for stews and meats. Plus, searching for them in the wilderness is a great way to stay in shape (but only pick the ones you know!)
– Chestnuts and sweet potatoes: a great way to warm up on a cold evening.


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