Enjoy an experience for true foodies in Caldea’s restaurants

Large pools of thermal water await you at Caldea. But you can also relish, savour and enjoy our gastronomic offer.
Have you tried Caldea’s restaurants?

Mediterranean flavour

In the Mediterranean restaurant, which overlooks Thermoludic’s central lagoon, you’ll find a varied and delicious selection of Mediterranean dishes with Italian touches. You’ll love the pasta, rice and pizzas, as well as the meat and fish dishes, and you can have lunch or dinner (even if you haven’t purchased admission to bathe in the spa). As Caldea is conveniently located, its restaurants are also a good option when you’re in the city centre. And thanks to Ametller Origen, which provides us with top quality products, we only use the finest raw ingredients. If you want to know more, you can read everything here.
And what if you get hungry or feel like taking a rest while you’re bathing? You’ll find the same menu at the aquatic restaurant, but you can come in wearing your swimsuit.
Treat yourself to our dishes. You’ll be surprised!

Exotic flavours

More exotic foodies can also find what they’re looking for in Caldea! The Siam Shiki restaurant boasts a Japanese and Thai menu featuring the dishes that are most typical of each culture. Like a variety of sushi, sashimi and maki, or noodle and rice dishes in all their forms, you’ll definitely want to come back for more!
You can savour the dishes as you enjoy the view over Inúu’s indoor lagoon and décor that’s in keeping with the type of cuisine on offer – a complete gastronomic experience. You can also make the most of good weather days by eating on the terrace while you admire the mountains and the outdoor Jacuzzi.
So if you like oriental cuisine, our Siam Shiki restaurant is also a great culinary option if you’re in the centre of Andorra.

Combine gastronomy and thermal waters

Because Caldea is a spa, but also a spa unlike any other spa, the gastronomy here is in no way incompatible with the best spa experience; in fact, it’s the perfect complement.
Combine the different types of spa admission, whether you bathe in Thermoludic or Inúu, with either of the two restaurants. Or, if you want to, you can try them all if you’re spending a few days in Andorra.
Check out all our offers with restaurant and admission.

Whether you’re coming from bathing in the thermal spa or from outside, Caldea’s restaurants are always a great choice. Are you going to try them on your next visit?

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