Caldea is committed to quality at its restaurants thanks to Ametller Origen products

Caldea is a spa. But it’s a spa where you can do much more than kill time immersed in bubbles. Caldea provides a complete experience that goes from enjoying the benefits of the thermal waters in our Jacuzzis and water circuits, to your moment of disconnection thanks to our massages and treatments; and along the way, you’ll have a great time at the table, enjoying the dishes in our restaurants which are made from only the best raw ingredients.

Ametller Origen, our partner in the kitchen

The Ametller Origen brand is a guarantee of quality food. It’s about knowing what we’re eating and the assurance that the whole process, from cultivation to our cupboards, has been performed correctly while prioritising flavour over large yields per hectare.
The Ametller family have been cultivating and caring for their land since 1830. Their knowledge as farmers and processors, as well as their devotion and respect for the natural properties of the Ametller products, inspired the conception of this successful business model. A model that intends to improve the nutrition and health of consumers, integrating agricultural production, processing and marketing to guarantee the flavour and quality of their products right from the source.

Mediterranean cuisine with maximum flavour

In our Aquatic and Mediterranean restaurants, you can find a menu with dishes for all palates. The Ametller Orígen products provide us with raw ingredients of the highest quality and with incomparable flavour. We use their fruits and vegetables in our dishes to deliver a boost to the palate that never fails to cause a stir. Because a dish as “simple” as a pizza can be delicious if the dough is prepared fresh each day and all the toppings (tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple, rocket, onion, etc.) are products which have been cultivated in a respectful way that prioritises quality over quantity.
If you’re yet to try our restaurants, we strongly suggest that you do! And if you plan on enjoying our thermal waters, you might like to eat in your swimwear in our aquatic restaurant and experience the laid-back atmosphere that will help you to disconnect from daily life. If you’re feeling more traditional, you can eat in your street clothes in our Mediterranean restaurant. Whether you’re coming to bathe or just looking for a central restaurant in Andorra that serves great food, we’ve got you covered!

We invite you to browse our offers including restaurant, which are sure to give you some great ideas for how to spend a whole day at Caldea.


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