Reasons for coming to Caldea in autumn

You can come to Caldea and enjoy a ssspaaactacular at any time of year, but autumn is a very special time. We can give you eight good reasons for visiting Andorra’s thermal spa in the final months of the year, although there could be many more reasons.

1. Begin the day by bathing in the thermal waters

For those who prefer to start enjoying the day from the early morning, we suggest the three-hour ‘early bird’ entry ticket: at week-ends you can enjoy Caldea from 9 a.m., when almost everyone is still waking up, and few people have started to arrive. So if you like going against the flow, this is just the ticket for you.

Get the ‘early bird’ admission

2. With your admission to the Thermoludic you have free entry to ‘Origins’

Another good reason for coming in autumn is that you can get to know ‘Origins’ free-of-charge. By simply buying the two-hour mid-day ticket for the Thermoludic, you can use the grapefruit bath between 1 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. While others are eating you can submerge yourself among Caldea’s bubbles! 😉

Come to the Thermoludic and to Origins free-of-charge

3. After a day of shopping, re-charge your batteries in a thermal spa.

Yes! Another advantage of coming to Caldea is that you can spend the day enjoying the activities that you like in Andorra, and then finish the day among lagoons, Indo-Roman baths, Jacuzzis, hammams and saunas. At this time of year, we recommend that you visit the country’s shopping areas and follow some of the new trends for autumn and winter.

Buy the nocturnal entry ticket

4. Admire the change of season from the Tibetan bridge

4. Admire the change of season from the Tibetan bridge
Did you know that, this summer, Andorra has opened a Tibetan bridge at Canillo? It’s a 603-metre metal walkway which crosses the Vall del Riu 158 metres above the ground. Since, in summer, everyone who has visited it has admired the beauty of Nature and the landscapes that surround the bridge, we believe that in autumn, when the colours change to russets, yellows and browns, it will be even more beautiful. You can visit the Tibetan Bridge until 30th November, and combine this with your visit to Caldea, thanks to the special offer which you will find in our website. This is an ideal activity, but it is not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo.

5. Combine the thermal spa with a gastronomic experience

This is something for those who never fail to visit a restaurant. Caldea’s Blu restaurant offers a varied selection of dishes of Mediterranean and French cuisine. If you prefer Asian cuisine, you can choose from a Thai or Japanese menu in the Siam Shiki restaurant, after a bath in the Thermoludic or at Inúu.
From our selection of special offers including restaurant you can choose the package which you like the most.


6. Bathe in our open-air lagoons

Summer is ending, but our open-air lagoons and terraces are still available. The indoor lagoons at the Thermoludic and at Inúu are connected to the outdoor ones by a narrow stretch of thermal water, so that one can go outside without getting out of the water. The Centre’s panoramic lagoon also awaits you all the year round, and any admission to the Thermoludic or to Inúu entitles you to use it.

7. Take a break from routine − with a massage

If returning to your routine is hard for you, all you need to do is to give yourself an entry ticket to the Thermoludic and a 30-minute partial massage, to provide relief from the daily grind. Moreover, you could take advantage of our special 20% discount. Pamper yourself!

Reserve the Thermoludic plus massage, with a 20% discount

8. A week-end ‘getaway’ to a thermal spa

Or whenever you want to! And with whomever you would like to take! In our website, you will find a selection of the best ‘getaways’ which include admission and hotel so that you can enjoy a day in our thermal waters and also extend your Caldea experience, whether you come at a week-end or during the week.

Do you need any more reasons for coming to Caldea this autumn?
Choose yours, and then reserve your admission or package through our website, where you’ll be able to benefit from the best prices, and from special offers and exclusive packages.


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