Celebrate the arrival of spring with these offers from Caldea


If you are someone who does not follow the trend, but prefers to get away during the low season, you will be very interested in the springtime proposals which we are presenting today. ☺️
While Thermoludic is closed, come and discover, at your own rhythm, and following the plan that you like the most, Inúu, the Caldea spa which is reserved for adults. Now that the days are lengthening and the temperatures are more pleasant, your body is pleading for a break among thermal waters, so choose what suits you the most  

A flash offer including admission to Caldea and accommodation in the Hotel Eureka

For those of you who prefer to get away from everything, we have what you are looking for.
Admission to Inúu for three hours, plus a night in the four-star Hotel Eureka with breakfast included. This hotel is situated at less than 10 minutes’ walk from Caldea, in the heart of the commercial hub of Escaldes. So as well as bathing at Caldea, you’ll be able to stroll through quiet streets, do some shopping, and relax on a terrace in the centre.

I would like my getaway break

Hurry up, because this offer will only be available in our website until 15th April. You’ll be able to benefit from it between 19th April and 20th May, 2022.

Romantic springtime offers for Sant Jordi

This year, Sant Jordi falls on a Saturday. Take advantage of this, and surprise your partner with a romantic plan:

   Admission and Private Spa

Enjoy Inúu’s thermal waters with access to Caldea’s private spa – the perfect place in which to forget the rest of the world for 30 minutes in your private Jacuzzi, sauna and hammam.

Accept the special Sant Jordi offer with a private spa

If you would like to make this experience even more special, you can enhance it with a duo massage at Inúu.

          Inúu and Siam Shiki

There is nothing better than adding to your time in the spa a lunch or dinner in the Siam Shiki restaurant, where you can savour a delicious menu based on Thai and/or Japanese dishes, without going outside Caldea, as the restaurant is within our premises. If you wish, you may take your meal in the terrace lounge, which has views of the mountains.

Inúu’s offer including the Siam Shiki restaurant

Thermoludic will be closed for improvement work.

As every year around these dates, this year Thermoludic will be closed for technical work from 19th April until 20th May inclusive. But this doesn’t mean that Caldea will be closed. During this period, you will be able to benefit from these superb springtime offers by discovering Inúu. Moreover, all you need to put in your suitcase will be your swimsuit, because the hire of bathrobe, towel and flip-flops is free of charge.

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