5 great plans with offers for Easter in Andorra

This year, the Easter holidays are playing hard to get. In 2019, they won’t be arriving until 19 April, giving you time to plan your getaway and enjoy Easter somewhere outside of your normal environment.
If you’re still considering what to do over Easter, we have 5 great plans for experiencing it to the full in Andorra.

See off the ski season (the beach can wait 😃)

The Andorran resorts will be open until Easter to give you the chance to get the last runs of the season. Take the opportunity to go skiing early in the morning and then at lunchtime you can enjoy #terracelife at some of the eateries you will find by the pistes. Sunshine, music and a great atmosphere will accompany you as you eat on the mountain with breathtaking views that will help you to disconnect from everything. Bid farewell to the ski season in style with one of the ski offers that we have prepared for you:



Aküa: a night show while you bathe in Caldea

From 13 to 20 April, the central lagoon in Caldea’s Thermoludic space will be filled with the music, colour and good vibrations of Aküa. At precisely 21:40, Javi Lin will take to the stage to enchant you with the sounds of his electric violin as the Iron Skulls dancers make you move to their choreography. Enjoy the show while you bathe in the moonlight: all you need is a night admission and a lust for life!

Find inner peace in Inúu

If you like to practise mindfulness to release tension and find yourself, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the free workshops that are held in Inúu, Caldea’s adults only spa. Combine the thermal waters with workshops on “Mindful Eating”, “Tibetan Bowls”, “Aqua Relax”, “Smoothie tasting” or “AutoShiatsu” (timetables for the Inúu workshops). And when night falls, in addition to enjoying the Aküa extravaganza, we also invite you to try one of our amazing cocktails on the Inúu terrace. Can you think of a better way to finish off the day?

A little city break with a hotel

If you like taking a stroll and window shopping, come to Andorra! Try the authentic retail experience on our high streets and take home that little something that you’ve been dreaming of for a while. And don’t forget Caldea! We’ve prepared some special offers that include admission to Thermoludic or Inúu plus central hotels so you’ll have everything within arm’s reach for the best price… and they all include free breakfast!

Don’t miss the mona (Easter cake)!

Who’s a sucker for chocolate? Make the most of Easter by visiting some of Andorra’s chocolatiers and confectioners so you can feel like a kid again. Genuine works of art in cocoa or classic Easter eggs… find the one for you and luxuriate in its flavour. We’re sure you already know that chocolate has antioxidant properties that are highly beneficial for your body, while also being an excellent stress reliever and wellbeing provider. So indulge yourself this year and don’t miss the Easter cake!

If you’re still not sure what to do over Easter, now you have some inspiration. Pack the suitcases, don’t forget your swimwear, and enjoy a few days in Andorra.

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