Massages for children? They will feel great!

“Children are too young to appreciate a good massage.” “There’s no point giving a massage to a child if they’re not stressed.” What do you think?

You love massages, so why wouldn’t they? At CALDEA, we not only suggest that little ones should discover this world, but we also explain how getting a massage is a must for them.

Growth spurt!

It may sound like a Chinese myth to you, but a well-performed massage—like those from our specialists—can stimulate your child’s hormonal system and accelerate growth.

It also helps to boost their immune system, avoiding or reducing the need for tissues and cough syrup this season!

“It won’t be that bad…”

It could be! At Caldea we want your children to leave with more than just the feeling of having enjoyed a massage, we want to give them the total experience.

Let them try our 30-minute child massage which treats the body, face and even the feet of your little ones! A complete massage, not just a back massage!

Reflexology, or foot massage, can help children to relax and calm down after a day of playing or school. It will also activate their circulation so the hormones that are released during the massage can reach every part of their body, maximising the benefits!

And of course, your children will feel pampered and cared for too.

They will definitely be grateful for an experience like this and the chance to discover the world of wellness in a super fun environment like LIKIDS, our Kids Only space. Because at Caldea, we ensure that they get to relax first, but then they can immediately experience the contrast of being active again and splashing around with the other children in a space specifically designed for enjoying thermalism through play.


Forget your preconceptions and book one of our family packs, add a massage and discover all the benefits we just mentioned for yourself.

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