Beauty treatments to revitalize your skin after summer


Restore all your skin’s vitality after the summer with our beauty treatments. Sun, salt and chlorine are some of the external factors that can affect the condition of the dermis. As our suntans fade, imperfections become more visible and our skin gets duller and needs hydration.
This makes September the perfect time to refresh the radiance and softness of your facial and body skin with the beauty rituals from the Sothys cosmetics brand.

Radiant skin in a few simple steps

The first is a tailor-made treatment that cleanses, oxygenates and revitalises the complexion.
The 45-minute Sothys Detox Energie Basic is the first stage in restoring luminosity and vitality to your complexion thanks to the energising effect of bottles of organic Siberian ginseng root. It also has the power to plump up facial skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s the perfect ritual to complement more complete follow-up treatments.

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Personalised body beauty treatments

90-minutes Sothys 100 % personalised intensive treatment will do the trick! It comes to repairing the damage the sun has left on your skin, restoring its smooth and silky appearance.
It starts with a very gentle gommage peel, which exfoliates the top layer of skin using natural and botanical agents. This is followed by a body massage before finishing with a personalised wrap. For this last step, you can choose from six sensory experiences according to their properties and fragrances: lemon, petitgrain, orange blossom and cedar wood, cinnamon and ginger, plumeria flower and plum. But that’s not all: you can also choose your preferred texture to apply to your body: nourishing oil, smooth and rich cream, melted wax or shea butter.

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If you still want more once you’ve revitalised your skin after the summer, don’t hesitate to combine our beauty treatments with the benefits of our thermal waters. Book 4 hours of admission to Inúu plus a night in a 4-star hotel and enjoy a complete wellness getaway.

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