An Icelandic bath: contrasts of Nordic inspiration

Taking inspiration from the contrasts in the natural waters of Iceland, we have, at Caldea, an area in which we re-create the temperature combinations in water in its different states: the Icelandic Bath.

Would you like to learn about its origins and the benefits which it offers? Read on!

Iceland, a geothermal paradise

Owing to its geographical position, Iceland is a country which has a lot of volcanic and geological activity which largely explains its landscape. One can find springs in the craters of volcanoes, in streams and in natural swimming-pools… There is thermal water everywhere, for you to take a bath. With this scenario, it’s not difficult to understand why, in Iceland, spas and thermalism are part of the nation’s DNA. Did you know that the Icelandic word Laugardagur (Saturday) means “the swimming-pool day”?

Contrasts of temperature

As we have already mentioned, in Iceland you will find endless Heitur pottur (literally, ‘hot pans’) with temperatures of between 37º and 43º, in which people meet to enjoy the warm water and to chat for a while. Who cares if it’s snowing or cold out of the water?

In many of the country’s swimming-pools you will also find large tubs or cold-water pools (with water temperatures of between 8º and 10º), where you can give your body a healthy contrast of temperature.

The Icelandic bath at Caldea

Taking inspiration from the natural model of Iceland, at Thermoludic we have a replica of an iceberg, two baths of different temperatures and a jet of thermal water. Everything is ready for you to enjoy the properties of our thermal waters, while your body feels the sensations of the different states of the water.

This bath is the ideal complement to a sauna, because on coming out of the dry heat it is advisable to go through a cold area in order to tone up the body. Rub your whole body with ice (0º) from our iceberg, then sit down on a seat which helps to firm up legs and hips while you keep your feet in cold water (15º). After this first contrast, we recommend that you go through the bath with warmer water (about 20º) and finish by sitting on a bench to rest.

The benefits of an Icelandic bath

Among the main benefits of an Icelandic bath are improved blood circulation, a firming effect on the body and an immediate relief from stress.

Our thermal waters, rich in sodium and sulphates, have analgesic, healing, decongestant and anti-allergic properties. In addition, at Caldea these therapeutic effects can be combined with a leisure experience which provides you with an unequalled feeling of well-being.


Take advantage of the month of January and begin the year by renewing yourself inside and outside. Consult our offers of morning entry or mid-day entry if you prefer to be quieter, and come and try out an Icelandic bath.

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