This winter, kids aged 3 and above can discover the spa world in Caldea. This is it!

With the recent snowfall, now is the perfect time to consider a winter getaway in Andorra with your whole family. Let us suggest a perfect ski plan to help you escape the routine in February. Are you ready?

Caldea and ski in February!

Start the day with a bit of skiing. Head up the mountain, strap on your skis and enjoy the best snow with your loved ones. We’re certain you’ll have a great time. And afterwards… experience Caldea as a family!
After an unforgettable day of skiing, you’ll have just enough energy left to carry on the fun at the spa by trying all the baths and the contrasting waters. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything: choose your favourite resort and book the one-day ski pass with admission to Thermoludic for your best winter getaway yet.

Likids the best après-ski for those aged 3 and up

Children aged 3 to 8 can also enjoy a spaaa moment at Likids: Caldea’s children-only spa where only the youngest can enter. In Likids, they’ll find a space designed to suit their needs with materials adapted for children. Through the games and activities, which are designed exclusively for them and guided by our supervisors, they’ll be able to discover the world of thermalism. And it goes without saying that they’ll have a great time! Meanwhile, adults and children over 5 can enjoy the thermal waters in Thermoludic. Children aged 5 to 8 are undoubtedly the lucky ones, as they can have fun with the activities and workshops suggested by our supervisors in Likids, but they can also access Thermoludic’s lagoons and spaces.

And February also has a lot more to offer. If you come to Andorra on 24 February or the weekend before, you’ll be able to enjoy an almost endless amount of activities and Carnival parades in the streets. Your best ever winter getaway starts here. 😉

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