The best substitutes to help lower your sugar intake

People are becoming increasingly eager for information about what to eat and which nutrients are necessary for maintaining good health. One of the foods that has been debated most recently is sugar.
There’s even an anti-sugar movement which has been growing its follower base year by year!

The benefits of reducing sugar

An excessive amount of sugar is not recommended for your health, as it does not provide any nutrients and only contains empty calories that are converted into fat and stored in our bodies.
In addition to the risk of weight gain, it is estimated that consuming sugar in large quantities in combination with other factors (like lifestyle, genetic predisposition, etc.) may increase the likelihood of developing illnesses.
On the other hand, reducing your sugar intake can have many benefits:
• For your body: it helps to reduce the risks associated with the heart, cholesterol, obesity and lowers blood pressure. You may also notice that you catch colds and the flu less often. This is linked to a change in habits and eating other more healthy types of food that boost your natural defences.
• For your skin: it improves the elasticity of the skin. One of the damaging effects of excess sugar is that it impedes the formation of collagen and antioxidants. The skin loses its firmness and is more vulnerable to free radicals and the harmful effects of the sun.

Sugar substitutes

Below are some suggestions to help you break your dependence on sugar and eat more healthily:

• Put less sugar in your coffee, teas and yogurts or replace it with stevia, cinnamon or agave nectar. The best thing you can do is not add anything so you can appreciate the flavours better.

• Make homemade cakes and pastries so you can control the sugar content yourself or choose a different way to sweeten them.

• Eat a piece of fruit (but not too much) to satisfy your cravings with the naturally occurring fructose. The fruit will be better if it’s in season because being local means it will be fresher and better for you.

• Swap sugary soft drinks for coffee, teas or infusions. Or better yet, just drink fresh water because it’s the best thing for quenching your thirst.

And don’t forget that the best way to care for yourself is a balanced diet and regular exercise.
And, every once in a while, getting away for a weekend at Caldea! 😉

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