We’re still here for you! Learn how to do facial self-shiatsu

Autoshiatsu en casa

Little by little, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Phases for easing the lockdown are being discussed, we’re going back outside for a few hours each day and some businesses are reopening their doors. Nevertheless, we still need to listen to the authorities and follow their recommendations.

During this time, we want to make sure we’re always here for you; supporting you until the end of the quarantine with activities and advice that will be very beneficial in your daily life.
This time around, Yumi, our Japanese therapist who specialises in oriental techniques, is back to teach us, firstly, how to control our concentration while we’re at home and, secondly, how to relax our eyes after many hours of focusing on short distances.
Two very simple activities that won’t take too long and can also be done by yourself without leaving home and without any extra equipment. Let’s get started

Enhance concentration

Performing this facial self-shiatsu will boost your mental clarity, clearing your mind of cluttered thoughts and activating your brain and memory. It will help you to stay more focused on tasks that require greater concentration, like working from home and studying online, or to do other activities that demand your undivided attention.

Just follow the steps in this video!

Relax your eyes

This is a great exercise to do during these days when you’re spending more time online checking your phone or tablet and watching TV series. Taking a few minutes each day to rest your eyes will help you avoid accumulating fatigue in this part of the body.

See how easy it is to relax your eyes in this video!

To make the experience a little more ssspa, we recommend finding a quiet spot in the house, putting on some relaxing music and enjoying a few moments all to yourself.

And remember: we’re getting closer and closer to the day when we can reopen (while always following the advice from the authorities) and be reunited. We’re already counting down the days!


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