An experience of total well-being

To coincide with the 25th anniversary of Caldea, the thermal centre is incorporating a physiotherapy space into its selection of services. A new element that strengthens our commitment to providing a 360º experience to both tourists and local customers.

Personalised physiotherapy services

The agreement between Caldea and Clinica Mobile has enabled a physiotherapy space to be opened in the gallery that leads up to the entrance to the thermal water area. This is a unique physiotherapy service, as within its 80 m2 facility you can find top professionals alongside the latest technology in the field.

Clinica Mobile

Clinica Mobile Andorra is part of the Clinica Mobile nel Mondo group, a leader in the motorcycle racing world with significant experience of this sport’s World Championships. Its clients include two-wheel legends like MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi.
Clinica Mobile Andorra provides specific post-operation rehabilitation services, injury recovery, orthopaedic manual physical therapy, dry needling and electro-puncture, laser therapy, electrostimulation, magnet therapy and cryotherapy – an extensive array of physiotherapy treatments that can be adjusted to the needs of any client.

Wellness 360º

This new physiotherapy service means you can have a complete well-being experience in Caldea. As a complement to the natural properties of our thermal waters, our nutritional and sensory workshops, our range of physical activities, our beauty and well-being treatments, and even our restaurant services which have menus based on the Mediterranean diet, Clinica mobile represents another part of a comprehensive offer that is designed to care for your mind, body and spirit.

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