For Epiphany, treat yourself to a getaway in Caldea and kick off 2020 the right way

2020 is going to be a great year! Not just because of the number, but also because we’re lucky enough to be getting a holiday on the first Monday of the year, letting us enjoy a long weekend for Epiphany. It’s a great time to plan a family getaway so you can make the most of every last moment of the Christmas holidays.

Experience three days of magic!

The Epiphany long weekend is also packed with activities to celebrate the visit from the three kings. On Sunday 5 January, they will parade through the streets of central Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany announcing their arrival on their impressive steeds. Then, they will welcome all the children who want to meet them and collect letters from the ones who want to deliver them in person. On Saturday and Sunday, the royal page boy will also greet the children who weren’t able to attend the procession.
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And of course, 6 January is the day when they can open all the presents!

Epiphany long weekend in Caldea

It’s the perfect opportunity for a getaway with your kids and to enjoy a three-day weekend filled with unforgettable experiences. Book admission to Caldea to make this holiday even more magical.
Spend an afternoon with your family in Thermoludic (if you visit with children aged 3 and 4, don’t forget that they can access the centre but only the Caldea children’s spa: Likids). Children aged 5 to 8 are the lucky ones 😃, as they can choose whether they want to join you in Thermoludic or stay in Likids while the adults enjoy some alone time (or they can combine both options). Plus, on the night of Saturday 4 January, you’ll be able to see the festive season’s last performance of Lumière: Caldea’s new night show.

Don’t miss out on this perfect plan for experiencing the magic of the Epiphany long weekend and getting the year started in the right way.

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